Find the Password

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Mario Party Advance quest
Find the Password
Find the Password in Mario Party Advance
Find the Password in Mario Party Advance
Bob-omb is angry at the player for not knowing the password
Type Bomb
Location Bob-omb Avenue, Town area
Client Bob-omb
Reward Shroom Slide
Description "The player has to find the secret password for Bob-omb's group so that they can join it."
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Find the Password is a quest in Mario Party Advance that is given by Bob-omb. It starts when the player visits Bob-omb Avenue and is approached by Bob-omb, who asks if they want to speak to him. Declining causes him to kick the player out, while accepting starts the quest. Once the quest begins, he asks the player for the password related to his group of friends, though the player is unable to know or give this password to him (even when the quest is replayed). Eventually, Bob-omb tells the player that the password is obtained by purchasing a "Bob-omb Figure" at Junk, the town area's item shop. At the store, the player can ask the shopkeeper, Paratroopa about either a Toad Force V Figure, which has him explain that they are out of stock, or the Bob-omb Figure, which is actually a codeword to enter the Bob-omb gang. To prove that he is also a part of the club, he gives the password to the player, "Baboom." Once Bob-omb hears the correct password, he rewards the player with the Shroom Slide Gaddget, initiating them into the gang. He then hints at the location of his boss, Big Bob-omb, who is hiding in the lowest floor of the building (serving as a prelude to Big Bob-omb's quest, Big Boss Bob-omb), before ending the quest.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese あいことばはナニ?[1]
Aikotoba wa nani?
What is the password?
French Le mot de passe The password
Italian Password esplosiva Explosive password


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