Probably a Robbery?

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Mario Party Advance quest
Probably a Robbery?
Probably a Robbery? in Mario Party Advance
Probably a Robbery? in Mario Party Advance
Koopa's request
Type Mystery
Location Koopa Bank
Client Koopa
Reward Card Trick
Description "The local bank has been robbed, and Koopa and Shroomlock ask the player to find the culprit."
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Probably a Robbery? is a quest in Mario Party Advance that starts at the Koopa Bank. Here, Koopa is panicking about a robbery in the bank, and directly asks the player for help; if they decline, Koopa chastises them for their spitefulness, while if they agree to help, the quest immediately begins. At the quest's start, Koopa promises to give the player a Gaddget before detective Shroomlock arrives, having been called by Koopa to help. When interviewed by Shroomlock about what happened, Koopa explains that while he and three other customers (Goombob, Paratroopa, and Mr. I) were in the bank, the power suddenly went out, making everything pitch-black. When it came back, all of the coins in the bank were stolen. Shroomlocks suspects one of the three customers of being the cuplrit, as the outside door remained closed the whole time. Since the three customers already left, Shroomlock asks the player to go to their homes and interview them about the robbery. If the player attempts to return to the bank without questioning all three suspects, Shroomlock reminds them of their identities and sends them off.

The three suspects can be interviewed in any order. The player can ask them: "Where's the money?" (which is required for the quest) and "How's it going?" (which is optional, but fleshes out the characters). When Goombob, who lives at Goombob Manor, is asked about the robbery, he claims that he heard the sound of the safe opening, and when he is asked about his life, he quietly tells the player that he is in love with someone (which turns out to be Goombetty, the focus of Goombob's quest, Accessorize!). When Paratroopa, who works at Junk the item shop, is asked about the robbery, he claims that he saw the gleam of the coins, and when asked about his life, he jokes about the rough state of his shop before immediately following that by saying that everything is great. When Mr. I, who lives in the horror area, is asked about the robbery, he claims to have heard the sound of jingling coins, and when asked about his life, he mentions that he may need glasses before rudely telling them that it's none of their business.

Once the player has questioned all three suspects and returns to the Koopa Bank, Shroomlock asks the player which of the three they believe to be the culprit. The correct choice is Paratroopa, as he is the only one to have claimed that he saw something during the robbery despite it being impossible to see, meaning that he lied. If the player names either Goombob or Mr. I as the culprit, Shroomlock disagrees with them, and as the player was unable to solve the mystery, Koopa forces them to restart the quest from the beginning, which includes reinterviewing the suspects. Once the player names Paratroopa, Shroomlock agrees while Koopa is shocked, as the two are cousins, but Shroomlock explains how he lied. Paratroopa soon flies into the bank and admits to the crime, saying that he intended it to be a prank. Koopa asks Shroomlock not to arrest Paratroopa, as it was only a prank, and he eventually relents. Paratroopa flies off to retrieve the stolen coins, Shroomlock walks off to another crime scene, and Koopa rewards the player for their help with the Card Trick Gaddget. After Koopa thanks them once again, the quest concludes.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ぎんこうごうとうはダレ?[1]
Ginkō gōtō wa dare?
Who is the bank robber?

French Un vol à la banque
A robbery at the bank
Italian I tre sospettati
The three suspects


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