Kamek Krew Live!

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Kamek Krew Live! in Mario Party Advance
The title card for Kamek Krew Live!
Kamek Krew Live! in Mario Party Advance
The Kamek Krew's problem

Kamek Krew Live! is a quest in Mario Party Advance that starts in the Mushroom Condo's second floor. It is given by the leader of the titular rap group Kamek Krew, Toady, when the player visits him during a practice session. He asks the player for a favor; if they accept, the quest promptly begins, though if they back out of the request, Toady insults the player for not helping him. Once the quest starts, Toady explains that they have a gig lined up in the near future, but they have not been able to find a suitable venue for their performance. Toady hints that a "stadium" can be found in the Desert Area, which refers to the Mushroom Stadium. At the stadium, Bullet Bill angrily asks the player what they want, and when the player explains Toady's predicament, he immediately agrees. As he is a huge fan of the Kamek Krew, he lets them rent out the stadium for free. After the player leaves the stadium and revisits Toady, he is overjoyed to hear the good news, rewarding the player with the Bull's-eye Gaddget as thanks. He compliments the player once more before completing the quest.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Le Kollectif Kamek The Kamek Krew
Italian Il concerto! The concert!