Yellow Space

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Yellow Space
A Yellow Space in Mario Party Advance
Purpose Does nothing.
First appearance Mario Party Advance (2005)

Yellow Spaces are one of the four Spaces that appear in Mario Party Advance, as well as one of the spaces in its corresponding Bonus Board. When a Yellow Space is landed on, nothing usually happens; a Mushroom is used and the dice is rolled again. Landing on the Yellow Space has a small chance of summoning Koopa Kid, who then either challenges the player to a game of Rochambeau or warps them to a random part of the map. If the player wins the game of Rochambeau, Koopa Kid immediately leaves, and if they lose, Koopa Kid tells Bowser about him, who then blocks the player's path (which causes Bowser to summon a statue of his head on top of Koopa Kid, crushing him) or steals a Mushroom from them.

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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Case Jaune Yellow Square
Italian Spazio Giallo Yellow Space