Comedy Bomb

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The title card for Comedy Bomb
Dolphin's show

Comedy Bomb is a quest in Mario Party Advance. The title refers to failing spectacularly during a comedy routine, i.e. receiving few, if any, laughs from the audience at any point. It starts when Dolphin asks the player to lend them their ear at Mario Vaudeville. The player can ask them if anything is wrong, which starts the quest, or they can demand to keep their ears, which makes Dolphin annoyed at the player's joke at his expense. Once the quest starts, Dolphin goes on to explain that he needs someone to listen to his routine and laugh at the appropriate moments. He wants the player to attract other people so that he can become more popular and get more gigs. If the player laughs at the wrong moment, or if they fail to laugh at the right moment, they dissuade others from checking out the show. He goes on to tell a story about a cellphone that does not work outside, to which his provider replies, "You should never, EVER, take it outside!" Alongside that is a story about a girl in his class at school who was unable to read the blackboard, and when Dolphin tries to read it out, she exclaims, "Forget the questions! Give me the answers!" Both of these lines must be laughed at for Dolphin to consider his routine a success. If everything pans out, Dolphin is ecstatic about his newly found audience and gains a significant boost in confidence, giving the player the Snow Globe Gaddget to say thanks.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Le boute-en-train The life and soul
Italian Il tragicomico The tragicomic