Tap-Tap Sumo

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Tap-Tap Sumo in Mario Party Advance
Tap-Tap Sumo

Tap-Tap Sumo is a Gaddget in Mario Party Advance. It is unlocked by completing the Mysterious Riddles quest. It is based on the children's game of kamizumo (紙相撲), or paper wrestling. The player and a friend control two Goombas, one red, the other blue. To control the blue Goomba, the player needs to tap the +Control Pad. For the red one, the player use A Button and B Button. Both players need to tap those buttons to knock each other off balance. After somebody falls, a fan with a sun and moon on it goes over the screen and the game restarts. It is actually possible to tilt the Goombas into another direction by using the L Button and R Button buttons.


  • +Control Pad – Blue Goomba
  • A Button / B Button – Red Goomba


  • "Challenge a friend! Tap to make your wrestlers move. Last one standing wins!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese トントンクリボン[1]
Ton Ton Kuribon
Tap-Tap Galoombas

French Combat Sumo
Sumo Combat
Italian Sumoomba
From sumo and Goomba


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