Love That Princess!

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Mario Party Advance quest
Love That Princess!
Love_That_Princess! in Mario Party Advance
Love That Princess! in Mario Party Advance
Mr. I in shock
Type Love
Location Mr. I, Horror area
Client Mr. I
Reward Hope Chest
Description "Mr. I wants to see Princess Peach."
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Love That Princess! is a quest in Mario Party Advance that is started by Mr. I. Princess Peach is the only character who can complete the quest; if any other characters visit Mr. I, he refuses to speak to them while also mentioning that he only wants to speak with Peach. When Princess Peach visits Mr. I, he is stunned by her surprise appearance before asking if she is really the princess. She can lie and say that she is not Princess Peach, which leaves Mr. I incredibly disappointed, but the quest only begins if Peach tells Mr. I what he wants to hear. After he hears her, he flusteredly reveals his feelings for her, referring to himself as a "fan", and gives her the Hope Chest due to his undying love. He says that he wants to always treasure this memory, ending the quest.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese プリンセスだいすき![1]
Purinsesu dai suki!
I love princesses!
French Ma princesse chérie My dear princess
Italian Amore regale Regal love


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