Blossom of My Heart

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The title card for Blossom of My Heart
Petal Guy admitting his feelings

Blossom of My Heart is a quest in Mario Party Advance. It is issued by Petal Guy when he asks the player for help at his home, Petal House. Declining the quest makes Petal Guy wonder why everyone runs away from him. If the player agrees to help him, Petal Guy explains that he has fallen in love with someone, but he only knows that she lives in the Town Area. He then asks the player to deliver his Poem of Love to her. He fails to name his love interest, but he goes on to describe her as "like a butterfly" and "a blossom", indicating that he is in love with Flutter. Flutter lives on the Mushroom Condo's third floor; when the player visits her, Petal Guy almost immediately interrupts them and promptly reads out his poem himself. His poem causes Flutter to quickly leave, which does not dissuade Petal Guy from winning her love. As a reward, he gives the player the Bead Machine Gaddget.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Fleur de mon cœur Flower of my heart
Italian Amore in fiore Love in bloom