Morse Maker

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Morse Maker

Morse Maker is a Gaddget from Mario Party Advance. In this Gaddget, the player can put a letter into morse code. The player can get this Gaddget after clearing the quest Hey, UFO!.


The player can choose letters to spell out their message and it can be played back in morse code. With the B Button button, they can remove some letters or all of them and write a new morse code.


"Write a message and hear it in Morse code, or use the R button to improvise!"


  • +Control Pad – Choose a letter, number, or symbol
  • A Button – Select a letter, number, or symbol
  • B Button – Undo last change
  • R Button – Manual Morse
  • L Button – Play Morse Message

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese モールスしんごうき[1]
Mōrusu Shingōki
Morse Encoder
French Code Morse Morse Code
Italian Codice Morse Morse code


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