DVD for Me

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DVD for Me in Mario Party Advance
The title card for DVD for Me
Ninji in the Horror Condo during the DVD for Me quest in Mario Party Advance
Ninji excitedly talking about Toad Force V

DVD for Me is a quest in Mario Party Advance. It is initiated at the Horror Condo's first floor after the floor's resident, Ninji, asks the player for the favor. The player can either leave without hearing him out, leaving him disappointed about asking in the first place, or they can hear him out, which promptly starts the quest. Ninji explains that he wants a limited-edition DVD based on the hit show Toad Force V. He asks the player to pick up a copy from Mushbert, who lives at the Mushroom Condo's first floor. At the Mushroom Condo, Mushbert offers to explain what Toad Force V is (and if prompted, gushes about the robot superhero show), and he also owns so many copies of the DVD that he is fine with giving one away. Ninji is elated to receive a copy of the DVD, and to show his thanks, he rewards the player with a Gaddget, Tile Trial. Once he exclaims that he wants to watch the DVD immediately, the quest ends.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Le DVD The DVD
Italian DVD delle mie brame! DVD of my desires! (the title is similar to the spell that Snow White's Evil Queen casts on her magic mirror in the Italian translations of the fairy tale)