Duel Tower, 3F

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Mario Party Advance quest
Duel Tower, 3F
Duel Tower, 3F in Mario Party Advance
Duel Tower, 3F in Mario Party Advance
Mouser showing off his moves
Type Duel
Location Duel Tower 3F, Seaside area
Client Mouser
Reward Chicken!
Description "Mouser serves as the Duel Tower's final challenge, and faces the player in the duel minigame Chicken!"
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Duel Tower, 3F is a quest in Mario Party Advance. It is the third and final quest of Duel Tower, taking place only after Duel Tower, 1F and Duel Tower, 2F have been completed. After Mouser congratulates the player on arriving to the top of the tower, the quest is initiated (with no option to refuse). Mouser then explains that duelists must have a strong mind, strength, skill to win before exclaiming that he wants to challenge the player in a game of minds, which takes place in the duel minigame Chicken!. If Mouser wins (and if the player is unable to use one of their Mushrooms), he orders the player to further train their mind, forcing them to restart all of the Duel Tower's quests. If the player wins, Mouser tells them that they have mastered all necessary elements and to use them for good as they fight against Bowser.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese デュエルタワー 3かい[1]
Dyueru Tawā sankai
Duel Tower 3F

French Le duel du 2e étage
The duel of the second floor
Italian Torre Duello, 2º P
Duel Tower, Second Floor


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