Engaging Game

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The title card for Engaging Game
Penguin, happy that the player is helping him

Engaging Game is a quest in Mario Party Advance that starts at the Ice Game Room. One of the gamblers inside, Penguin, asks the player for help, and the player can respond either by agreeing to help them, which starts the quest, or by complaining about the cold, causing Penguin to dismiss them and the player to leave the game room without starting the quest. When the quest starts properly, Penguin elaborates that he gambled away his money in an attempt to win enough for an engagement ring for his girlfriend, Pengwen. The player must regain his money back in the gambling minigame Drop 'Em, which involves collecting at least one more Coin than the starting amount (thirty Coins). If the player loses all of their Coins (and a Mushroom is not used to gain a second chance), Penguin despairs over the prospect of not marrying Pengwen. If the player obtains at least thirty-one coins, Penguin becomes ecstatic about marrying his girlfriend, and gives the player the minigame that they just played as thanks, which resolves the quest.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Jeu de fiançailles Game of engagement
Italian Sogno d'amore Love dream