Goal Tenderizer

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The title card for Goal Tenderizer
Bowser's goaltending

Goal Tenderizer is a quest in Mario Party Advance that is given by Bowser. At the Bowser Stadium, Bowser and Koopa Kid boast about Bowser's skills as a goalkeeper, which gives the player the prompt to challenge them. The player can leave them alone, leaving Bowser disappointed that the player seemingly was not impressed, though challenging him is the only way to start the quest. Bowser then offers a Gaddget to the player if they can score at least three points into the goal while Bowser is goalkeeping. A simple minigame starts, where the player is given three options to kick the soccer ball either left, right, or towards the center. Kicking the ball to the left or right lets Bowser easily block it; if the ball is kicked towards the center, it passes between his legs and enters the goal. If the player makes five shots without getting the ball in three times, Bowser and Koopa Kid boast about winning before making the player leave the stadium, which also restarts the quest. If the player makes the three shots, Bowser becomes disappointed at losing for the first time, but immediately challenges the player to a Bowser minigame, Splatterball, offering the Gaddget again if the player wins. Losing at the minigame (without forfeiting a Mushroom) produces similar results to losing the soccer match, while winning leaves them shocked, though Bowser still honors his offer by giving the player the Snooze Ewes Gaddget, which ends the quest.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Le gros balourd The large oaf
Italian Bowser portiere Bowser goalkeeper