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A discovered Boo attempting to escape.
MPA Porta Gust Icon.png

The Porta-Gust is a Gaddget found in Mario Party Advance. The name is a pun on the words portable, and Poltergust. This Gaddget is obtained by completing the Condo of Mystery! quest, which, coincidentally, also involves Boos. The Gaddget is a ghost hunting simulator that shows a radar, and the player must press and hold the directions that light up on the +Control Pad in the lower left corner to approach the Boo. The closer the player comes to the Boo, the more the graph will react. When it begins shaking violently, the player must press and hold the A Button button as soon as they see the Boo on the screen. It will be sucked into a jar which can hold eight Boos at most. To vacuum up more, some have to be released by pressing the B Button button.


"Use the + Control Pad while watching the sensor. Use it when Boo appears."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Aspire-Boo Boo Inhale
Italian Aspira-Boo Boo-drawer