Cool as Ice

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Mario Party Advance quest
Cool as Ice
Cool as Ice in Mario Party Advance
Cool as Ice in Mario Party Advance
Playing ball against Mr. Blizzard
Type Sports
Location Ice Stadium, Snow area
Client Mr. Blizzard
Reward Mini Slugger
Description "Mr. Blizzard, an ace pitcher, challenges the player to hit a home run."
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Cool as Ice is a quest in Mario Party Advance that takes place at the Ice Stadium. It is initiated when the player enters the baseball stadium and Mr. Blizzard, who is practicing his pitch, asks them if they have a question. Replying to the contrary has him nonchalantly going back to his practice, while agreeing with him properly starts the quest. Mr. Blizzard introduces himself as the ace pitcher of the Snowtown Ice Stars, prompting the player to ask Mr. Blizzard to pitch for them. He accepts, and puts another caveat on top of the challenge: if the player can hit one of his swings out of the park, they receive a Gaddget. The game then switches perspectives to a minimalist rendition of the stadium, with the player and Mr. Blizzard silhouetted. The player is given five tries to hit one of Mr. Blizzard's pitches, and each pitch comes out at a different speed. If the player misses every ball, Mr. Blizzard gloats about his victory and forces the player to restart the quest. If they manage to hit at least one pitch, Mr. Blizzard claims that he went easy on the player, but still rewards them with the Mini Slugger Gaddget, ending the quest.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クールなエース![1]
Kūru na ēsu!
Cool ace!
French Froid comme la neige Cold as snow
Italian Sangue freddo Cold-blooded


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