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A Sheep from Super Mario Odyssey
A Sheep wearing a sombrero in Super Mario Odyssey.
First appearance Super Mario Odyssey (2017)
Latest appearance The Super Mario Bros. Movie (2023)
“Ain't these sheep fluffy? Sometimes I wish I was a fluffy sheep... Ah, er...what was I sayin'? Oh, yeah. Try not to bump into the sheep when you're playin' golf. Yeah.”
Monty Mole, Mario Golf: Super Rush

Sheep are a species of animal appearing in Super Mario Odyssey, with three donning sombreros appearing in the Sand Kingdom. They belong to an unnamed Tostarenan, who asks Mario to regroup them as they all escaped. After Mario herds them back to the rocky platform the Tostarenan is standing upon, he rewards Mario with a Power Moon. The Wooded Kingdom features a mission inside a Moon Pipe in which Mario must use Cappy to push two Sheep through an obstacle course, back to his Steam Gardener owner. Once the two are reunited, the Steam Gardener rewards Mario with both Power Moons. Additionally, after the game's finale, a Toad in the Mushroom Kingdom has the same problem as the Tostarenan in the Sand Kingdom, this time with six Sheep instead of three. This Toad also rewards Mario with a Power Moon. The Sheep's sombreros cannot be removed, possibly to prevent Mario from potentially capturing them. In the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario can capture Yoshi and use his tongue to flick the sheep.

If Mario can successfully get all four Power Moons from herding the sheep, the "Master Sheep Herder" Toadette achievement in the Mushroom Kingdom will be unlocked.

Sheep also appear in Mario Golf: Super Rush where they are kept in a pen with a Monty Mole at Bonny Greens.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Dutch Schaap Sheep
French Mouton Sheep
German Schaf Sheep
Italian Pecorella Little sheep
Russian Овечка
Little sheep
Spanish (NOA) Borrego Lamb
Spanish (NOE) Oveja Sheep