Moon Kingdom

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Moon Kingdom
Destination Above All Others
SMO Moon Brochure Art.png
Honeylune Ridge
The new frontier of lunar life.
Population Unknown
Size Lunar
Locals Rabbitish?
Currency Star Bit-shaped
Industry Tourism, Weddings
Temperature Unknown
First Appearance Super Mario Odyssey (2017)

The Moon Kingdom is a region in Super Mario Odyssey. It is the greater location of Honeylune Ridge, and the fourteenth kingdom accessed in the game. As its name suggests, it is located on the Moon. Honeylune Ridge is the place set to hold Bowser and Princess Peach's wedding, therefore being Mario and Cappy's final destination in the main game.

Brochure details[edit]

Specially designed to amplify the bell's ring.

Wedding Hall[edit]

Legends tell of a moon goddess, and this wedding hall is said to have been created in her honor, though no one knows for sure. The stunning exterior contrasts beautifully with the black sky, a symbol of Honeylune Ridge. Weddings here are often open, so lucky travelers can join the party.

They roll perfectly along the lunar surface.

Lunar Life Forms[edit]

The surface of the moon is harsh, but a few creatures do live there. Take heed if tempted to study their unique shape and movement up close, as they have sharp spikes. it's probable best to observe them from a safe vantage point.

Interestingly, similar creatures can be found in the Seaside Kingdom. Did life on our planet (which began in the seas) actually originate on the moon?

Unusual energies emanate from them.

Cubes of Mystery[edit]

Possessing unique metallic properties, it's hard to imagine how these cubic Moon Rocks formed naturally, but they can be found in great abundance up here. Similar rocks have also been found in various areas on the planet, and the method of their formation remains shrouded in mystery. We recommend seeking one out and pondering its mysteries up close!

Apparently the interior has different gravity.

Lunar Interior: Secrets[edit]

We've heard stories about extensive caverns beneath the lunar interior. There's an entrance directly into the moon rock that's easily accessed, but it sounds quite dangerous inside.

On the other hand, tales abound of thrills and mysteries waiting within, so it may be worth investigating. Be sure to take the necessary precautions before you go, though!

Sunsets are SO last year.

A View to Remember[edit]

Our world as seen from the Wedding Hall is something everyone needs to experience at least once in their life. With the planet as your witness, it's no wonder weddings are held here.

SMO Moon Brochure C.png

Moon Frog[edit]

This frog now lives in Honeylune Ridge. Brought to the moon by first pioneers, it's now considered a good omen for visitors. See one and you'll have a hoppy day!

SMO Moon Brochure G.png

Three Keys to the Kingdom[edit]

  1. Experience the floaty feeling of lighter gravity.
  2. Listen to the glorious bells of the Wedding Hall.
  3. See the mysterious Moon Rocks, supposedly energy made solid.


SMO Moon Brochure Map.png

Enemies and obstacles[edit]


  1. Bowser's Moon Wedding: The goal is to reach the Wedding Hall and defeat Bowser.

Power Moons[edit]

Main article: List of Power Moons in the Moon Kingdom
The Moon Kingdom has white Power Moons.

There are a total of 38 Power Moons in this kingdom.
(◲=Moon Rock)

  • 01: Shining Above the Moon: Obtained by jumping on Hidden Blocks found above a crater near the Odyssey. It can also by obtained by using a frog to jump into Power Moon.
  • 02: Along the Cliff Face: Obtained by overcoming a 2D section with Fuzzies.
  • 03: The Tip of the White Spire:
  • 04: Rolling Rock on the Moon:
  • 05: Caught Hopping on the Moon!:
  • 06: Cliffside Treasure Chest:
  • 07: Moon Kingdom Timer Challenge 1:
  • 08: Taking Notes: On the Moon's Surface:
  • 09: Under the Bowser Statue:
  • 10: In a Hole in the Magma:
  • 11: Around the Barrier Wall:
  • 12: On Top of the Cannon:
  • 13: Fly to the Treasure Chest and Back:
  • 14: Up in the Rafters:
  • 15: Sneaking Around in the Crater:
  • 16: Found on the Moon, Good Dog!:
  • 17: Moon Shards on the Moon:
  • 18: Moon Quiz: Amazing!:
  • 19: Thanks, Captain Toad!: Obtained by talking with Captain Toad.
  • 20: Shopping in Honeylune Ridge:
  • 21: Walking on the Moon!:
  • 22: Moon Kingdom Regular Cup:
  • 23: Doctor in the House:
  • 24: Sphynx's Hidden Vault:
  • 25: A Tourist in the Moon Kingdom!:
  • 26: Peach in the Moon Kingdom:
  • 27: Found with Moon Kingdom Art:
  • 28: Mysterious Flying Object:
  • 29: Hidden on the Side of the Cliff:
  • 30: Jumping High as a Frog:
  • 31: Moon Kingdom Timer Challenge 2:
  • 32: Walking on the Moon: Again!:
  • 33: Moon Kingdom Master Cup:
  • 34: Taking Notes: In Low Gravity: ◲ Found in the same 2D section of Along the Cliff Face moon and obtained by collecting all the Rainbow Notes before the time ends.
  • 35: Center of the Galaxy: ◲ Found at the end of a 2D section which has lunar gravity.
  • 36: Edge of the Galaxy: ◲ Found in another part of the same 2D section of Center of the Galaxy moon.
  • 37: Navigating Giant Swings:
  • 38: A Swing on Top of a Swing:

Regional coins[edit]

Star Bits SMO.png
Main article: List of regional coins in the Moon Kingdom

There are a total of 50 regional coins, which take the form of Star Bits, to be found in the Moon Kingdom: 9 coins near the starting area, 14 coins near the Ringing-Bells Plateau, 6 coins near the Quiet Wall, 18 coins in Underground Moon Caverns, and 3 coins near the Wedding Hall.

Starting Area / Odyssey - 9 coins

  • 3 coins: Behind the Odyssey, on top of the big rock.
  • 3 coins: In the 8-bit section.
  • 3 coins: Left of the Odyssey.

Ringing-Bells Plateau - 14 coins

  • 4 coins: Near the checkpoint flag, on top of a pillar.
  • 4 coins: Near the Astro-Lanceur.
  • 3 coins: Behind a Power Moon treasure chest.
  • 3 coins: Obtained by wall jumping.

Quiet Wall - 6 coins

  • 6 coins: Near the Astro-Lanceur.

Underground Moon Caverns - 18 coins

  • 3 coins: On top of a pillar, obtainable only by firing at it as a Sherm.
  • 3 coins: Under the bridge, obtained by capturing a Dry-Bone and flying under it.
  • 3 coins: Obtained by capturing a Tropical Wiggler and extending to the coins.
  • 3 coins: On top of an invisible floor.
  • 3 coins: Obtained by capturing a Banzai Bill and flying through the coins.
  • 3 coins: Behind the second Charging Chuck.

Wedding Hall - 3 coins

  • 3 coins: At the highest point of the Wedding Hall building.


Names in other languages[edit]

Moon Kingdom[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 月の国
Tsuki no kuni
Moon Country
Spanish Reino Luna Moon Kingdom
French Pays de la Lune Moon Country
Dutch Maanrijk Moon Realm
German Mondland Moon Country
Italian Regno della Luna Moon Kingdom
Korean 달 왕국
Dal Wangguk
Moon Kingdom
Chinese 月之国 (Simplified)
月之國 (Traditional)
Yuè zhī guó
Moon Country

Honeylune Ridge[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ハニークレーター
Hanī kurētā
Honey Crater
Spanish Cresta Lunamiel Honeymoon Ridge
French Cratère Lune de miel Honeymoon Crater
Dutch Kathedraalkrater Cathedral Crater
Italian Cresta Selenica Selenic Ridge
Korean 허니 분화구
Heoni Bunhwagu
Honey Crater
Chinese 甜蜜环形山 (Simplified)
甜蜜環形山 (Traditional)
Tiánmì huánxíngshān
Sweet Crater