Arrival at Rabbit Ridge!

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Arrival at Rabbit Ridge!
Arrival at Rabbit Ridge.png
Location Dark Side
Mission # 1
Game Super Mario Odyssey
Boss(es) Topper, Hariet, Spewart, Rango, RoboBrood
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Arrival at Rabbit Ridge! is the sole story mission of the Dark Side in Super Mario Odyssey. The objective is to defeat all four Broodals and RoboBrood in a row.


Rabbit Ridge Tower, an area in the Dark Side in Super Mario Odyssey.
The Rabbit Ridge Tower

The mission begins once Mario arrives at the Dark Side for the first time. After traveling through two spark pylons, Mario reaches Rabbit Ridge Tower, where he is confronted by the Broodals. To obtain the Multi Moon that they are guarding, Mario must ascend Rabbit Ridge Tower, fighting a Broodal on each floor. The Broodals are fought in the following order: Topper, Hariet, Spewart, Rango. Each of their fights play out like their second fights, but with moon physics. After the individual Broodal battles, there is a heart on the way to the top floor, where Mario must rematch RoboBrood. Unlike the fight in Bowser's Kingdom, RoboBrood does not spawn Pokios. Instead, Mario must capture one of the Hammer Bros. in the arena and use its hammers to damage the robot. Once it is defeated, RoboBrood blasts into the sky and creates fireworks depicting the Broodals' faces, just like in Bowser's Kingdom. Afterward, the Multi Moon appears and Mario can collect it. After going back to the Odyssey, Mario will be wearing the King's Crown and King's Outfit.

If Mario loses any of the fights, he will respawn outside Rabbit Ridge Tower and must start over.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 決着!ラビットクレーター
Kecchaku! Rabitto Kurētā
Conclusion! Rabbit Ridge

Chinese (simplified) 了结!兔子环形山
Liǎojié! Tùzǐ huánxíngshān
Settled! Rabbit Ridge

Chinese (traditional) 做個了結!兔子環形山
Zuò gè liǎojié! Tùzǐ huánxíngshān
Settled! Rabbit Ridge

French Fin de partie à la Crapinière
Endgame at Rabbit Ridge
German Ankunft am Kaninchenkrater!
Arrival at Rabbit Ridge!
Italian Arrivo alla Cresta Coniglia
Arrival at Rabbit Ridge
Russian Победа на Кроличьем хребте!

Victory at Rabbit Ridge!

Spanish (NOE) Llegada a la Torre Madriguera
Arrival at Rabbit Ridge