Long Journey's End

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Long Journey's End
Long Journey's End
Location Darker Side
Mission # 1
Game Super Mario Odyssey
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“We've come a long way, you and me... We've seen a bunch of different kingdoms... I mean, sure, we got shot down and stuff along the way... But think of all the HATS! This trip really was amazing. Thank you, Mario. It's been an honor walking a mile on your head.”
Cappy, Super Mario Odyssey

Long Journey's End is the sole story mission of the Darker Side in Super Mario Odyssey, and is the final mission of the game. The objective is to collect the final Multi Moon.


The mission begins on the Moon, along with various characters. Mario must move along, then capture a frog and jump across platforms to enter a Warp Pipe leading to an area with many Goombas and a Yoofoe. Defeating the Yoofoe will spawn a Life-Up Heart. After defeating or bypassing the Yoofoe, Mario must jump across sinking platforms and climb sinking poles. Soon after, Mario must Long Jump across platforms moving across the lava, then capture a Lava Bubble to move across the lava while watching out for Moonsnakes. After taking a lava cannon, Mario must capture an Uproot and keep moving up the tower while avoiding Burrbos. The next segment features moving freezing water, as well as some Fuzzies that must be avoided. Next, Yoshi will be encountered, and Mario must capture him so that he can use Yoshi's tongue to climb up the nearby walls while avoiding Fuzzies. Mario must then hit a P Switch and follow the flower path while throwing Cappy at the Pulse Beams. Mario can also optionally solve the Sphynx's riddle; doing so will grant access to another Life-Up Heart; answering any additional questions correctly will grant Mario many coin piles, which can only be done if Sphynx's questions have been answered in all other kingdoms as well. In the next area, Mario must throw Cappy at a Scarecrow and platform up the appearing pillars. Afterwards, Mario must capture Glydon and ride him into the updrafts while avoiding Urban Stingbies to reach the next area. Mario must then venture across the Volbonan Poles to get to the next Warp Pipe.

Next, Mario must ride a platform with a Pulse Beam on it while fending off Burrbos that leap on the platform. When the platforms stop, Mario must capture a Pokio and ride pendulum-like platforms to the top. Mario can then enter an 8-bit section, avoid Barrels and hit four ? Blocks below the original Donkey Kong to reach the next area. Mario must then travel towards a painting to capture Bowser, then make it past a longer section with boulders firing out from holes. At the end of that section, Mario will de-capture Bowser, and must capture a series of spark pylons that spell "THANK YOU". After heading into one final Warp Pipe, Mario is transported back to the Moon and in front of a grayscale version of the New Donk City Hall. Behind the skyscraper are numerous coin piles. Mario must capture one last frog to jump to the top of the Hall, then climb up the rest of the way to collect the Multi Moon as Cappy reminisces about the experience. There are no checkpoints throughout the entire level, so dying results in starting all the way back at the first section with the Goombas and Yoofoe.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 長い旅の終着点
Nagai Tabi no Shūchakuten
Long Journey's End

Chinese (simplified) 漫长旅途的终点
Màncháng lǚtú de zhōngdiǎn
Long Journey's End

Chinese (traditional) 漫長旅途的終點
Màncháng lǚtú de zhōngdiǎn
Long Journey's End

German Einer langen Reise Ende
End of a long journey
Italian La fine di un lungo viaggio
The end of a long journey
Spanish (NOE) Fin del viaje
End of the Journey