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This article is about the health-restoring item from Super Mario Odyssey. For life-restoring hearts from other games, see Heart (disambiguation).
Not to be confused with MAX UP Heart.
Life-Up Heart
A Life-Up Heart in Super Mario Odyssey
First appearance Super Mario Odyssey (2017)
Effect Increases maximum health by three.
Screenshot of a Life-Up Heart.

The Life-Up Heart is a power-up item that appears in Super Mario Odyssey. It is the only "traditional" power-up in the game, as Mario's forms are mostly taken through Cappy's Capture ability.[1] It serves the same function as the Life Mushroom from Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2: when collected, it increases Mario's maximum health to six (nine in Assist Mode); however, if his health is depleted back to three (six in Assist Mode), he loses the three extra pieces of health until another Life-Up Heart is obtained. If the player collects a Life-Up Heart at maximum health, it grants 10 coins instead. Life-Up Hearts can be purchased from the Crazy Cap store for 50 regular coins, won from slot minigames, and found in ? Blocks. Some others can be found not inside ? Blocks in hard-to-reach places. Only one Life-Up Heart appears in 2D: In the Metro Kingdom's Projection Room, the 2D Life-Up Heart is found where the Hidden Block is in the original Super Mario Bros.

A bonus Life-Up Heart can be obtained by scanning any Princess Peach amiibo.[2]

Crazy Cap description[edit]

"This heart-shaped item raises your maximum life value."

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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ライフUPハート[3]
Raifu Appu Hāto
Life-Up Heart
Chinese (Simplified) 体力心
Tǐlì xīn
Power Heart
Chinese (Traditional) 生命UP心心 (Traditional)
Shēngmìng UP xīnxīn
Life-Up Heart
Dutch Levenshart Life heart
French Cœur de soin Care heart
German 1-UP-Herz 1-UP-Heart
Italian Cuore energia Energy heart
Russian Суперсердце
Super heart
Spanish Corazón de energía Energy heart


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