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This is a list of quotes from the game Super Mario Odyssey, listed by character.

Note: quotes marked with an asterisk (*) were removed from the American version.


  • "For some reason, I'm not getting any customers in this location! So please, something."
  • "You'll want to use this shortcut."
  • "Eeek!"


  • "Go away!"
  • "Get away! Far away!"
  • "I'm protecting the Power Moon. I'm not afraid of anything! Not even Paragoombas!"
  • "I've never truly understood the terror of Paragoombaaaas!"


  • "This is the end... for you!"
  • "Time for my wedding with Peach!"
  • "Jealous, Mario?!"
  • "Mario! I don't have time for you."
  • "I'm busy planning my wedding! Don't you know how stressful that is?!
  • "Fire!"
  • "See what you're up against, Mario?"
  • "Let's see you survive this, plumber boy!"
  • "You're too late!"
  • "We're off to our wedding ceremony on the moon!"
  • "Gwahahaha!"
  • "Gwahahaha! Crashing the wedding, Mario? That's tacky, even for you!"
  • "Also, your outfit isn't halfway fancy enough for the occasion! Not that it matters, since you WEREN'T INVITED!"
  • "And hey, what's with the history costume? Not that it matters, since you WEREN'T INVITED!"
  • "Also, what's with the sporty look? Not that it matters, since you WEREN'T INVITED!"
  • "Also, that outfit looks familiar, but I can't place it... Not that it matters, since you WEREN'T INVITED!"
  • "And are you trying to scare me with that... totally scary costume? Well, it didn't work, all right?! And y-you WEREN'T INVITED!"
  • "Also, I gotta say, great outfit! Very classy! Not that it matters, since you WEREN'T INVITED!"
  • "Also, you look amazing! Love the outfit! Not that it matters, since you WEREN'T INVITED!"
  • "Huh? Where'd you go? Not that it matters, since you WEREN'T INVITED!"
  • "So now it's time for you to make like a bouquet and get thrown out!"
  • "Get ready, Mario!"
  • "Here's your happily ever after!"


  • “The sea water here is fizzy as a soda. Ah, it's so refreshing!”
  • "It's the views that make Seaside Kingdom so special."
  • "If you're brave, you can take a ride on the fountains."
  • "Go away!"
  • "Get away from me!"


  • "So sorry for running away like that. You startled me, and...I do startle easily..."
  • "I saw what happened earlier. You've been through quite the wringer!"
  • "You've landed in the Cap Kingdom. We've been under attack by the same monster that gave you such a trouncing."
  • "And to make matters worse, the fiend has kidnapped my little sister!"
  • "I'd hoped to give chase to that monster in a ship of my own..."
  • "Unfortunately, all of our airships were wrecked in the attack."
  • "Although, now that I think of it... I'm fairly certain there's a functioning ship in the next kingdom over."
  • "I could get us there, if only I could reach the top of Top-Hat Tower...which is being guarded by the monster's henchmen."
  • "You know... It seems we're after the same thing... Perhaps we should team up!"
  • "Let's see if we can't help those two!"
  • "...Not your style?"
  • "How about this?"
  • "Cappy!"
  • "Try throwing me with Y Button!"
  • "Nice work!"
  • What odd little fellows. They seem to know you! And...not like you..."
  • "Woo! Yeah! What a ride! And we made it to the Cascade Kingdom!"
  • "Sorry... Still a bit amped from capturing a power line. Must collect myself."
  • "There should be an old airship somewhere around here. Let's see if we can't find it!"
  • "Oh, we've found a Power Moon!"
  • "What a lucky break—this will come in handy to power the airship! Have you ever seen anything like it?"
  • "Why is there an empty picture frame here?"
  • "Ah, there it is! This is what we were looking for!"
  • "It's looking a bit more rough than I'd expected... Ah, no, it's just an older model. I'm certain it can still fly!"
  • "Let's give it a shot, shall we? Just throw me on that globe there!"
  • "Huh... Nothing's happening? That Power Moon must not have given the ship enough energy..."
  • "I wonder if we can find more around here."
  • "Goodness! Look at the size of that thing!"
  • "*gasp* It's too big! I couldn't hold onto it any longer!"
  • "Oh my! We've gone flat... And, rather blocky, at that..."
  • "I'd bet you there's a spectacular view from the top of that pole!"
  • "Splendid!"
  • "Nice!"
  • "Just like that!"
  • "That'll teach you!"
  • "You've done it! And now we've got a Multi Moon!"
  • "It's as strong as three Power Moons combined—and it should get the ship moving in no time!"
  • "Let's see if we can't make this work. Throw me on that globe!"
  • "We've enough fuel to reach the Sand Kingdom. Let's go save those two!"
  • "Why don't you take the helm? Just select Sand Kingdom and press A Button, and we'll be off!"
  • "So? How do you like me as a Captain's Hat? Pretty classy, wouldn't you say?"
  • "Now then, where were we... That monster's name is Bowser?"
  • "Well, we'll chase him down in no time in the Odyssey!"
  • "Seeing as how we've got some time to kill, let's review some useful skills..."
  • "Well! There it is!"
  • "If you need some more review, you might want to look at the Action Guide!"
  • "It's always there for your perusal. Just open the menu with Plus Button and select Action Guide."
  • "We should discuss the Sand Kingdom too."
  • "As you've no doubt pieced together, it is ENTIRELY covered in sand! And, as you can imagine, it gets quite hot."
  • "Hmm... There are some ruins there, and... An artifact called the Binding Band that links people a wedding ring!"
  • "And this Bowser seems like just the sort of creep that would steal a priceless antiquity for his sham wedding!"
  • "Huzzah! I declare the maiden voyage of the Odyssey a complete success!"
  • "But why is it so cold? I though deserts were supposed to be hot."
  • "Huh? The top of that tower is shining! But how could that be? Could it be a Power Moon?"
  • "Apparently Power Moons come in other shapes. I had no idea."
  • "We've come a long way, you and me... We've seen a bunch of different kingdoms... I mean, sure, we got shot down and stuff along the way... But think of all those hats! This trip really was amazing. Thank you, Mario. It's been an honor walking a mile on your head."
  • "I remember this place!"
  • "I bet there's still at least one Power Moon in here somewhere!"
  • "I bet there's still a Power Moon or two in here... Oh! and some coins as well!"
  • "I bet there are still coins in here somewhere..."
  • "Doesn't seem like there's anything left to do here..."


  • "AoouuuuooOOOooOooOoooo! (That meanie won't let us swim freely!)"
  • "AoouuooOOooOooOoo! (Let's swim together!)"
  • "AoouuuooOOooOooOoo. (Out of the way, please.)"


  • "Flying, flying, flying, flying, skree-EEEE!"
  • "Skree-EEEE! Stay away!"


  • "Lookin' for the Binding Band, chumps? Too bad! The Boss has it now!"
  • "And you guys ain't invited to the wedding!"
  • "Yep, the wedding's almost here. The boss is gettin' ready in the keep up."
  • "But you two can scram, 'cause you're definitely NOT INVITED!"
  • "Oh, it's you... Not nice, barging into our kingdom like you own the place! What, you didn't know this is where we live?"
  • "Guess I still got things to teach ya!"
  • "Heeheehee!"

Hint Toad[edit]

  • "Eeek!"
  • "Wanna buy a hint?"
  • "I can't find any more hints for this kingdom."


  • "How you doin'? I'm what you call a Jaxi."
  • "You wanna ride? It'll be 30 coins. Whaddya say?"
  • "So, what, you're doing some sightseeing? You gotta check out the Inverted Pyramid!"
  • "Controls are a snap: B Button: Brake ZL Button: Dismount"
  • "I'll take off as soon as you're strapped in, but watch yourself—I go quick."
  • "Aw, were you taking me to see my family, you old softy?"
  • "I appreciate your kind gesture. Come see me again anytime!"
  • "I know this place. But my days of standing around are done."


  • "Hey, dude! You up for a challenge?"
  • "Everyone loves walking, right? Problem is, most don't take it seriously. That's what Trace-Walking is all about!"
  • "If you can walk like a champ, you'll win a prize. Wanna try?"
  • "You're back! And you're in luck. I scored a new prize to give away!"
  • "Wanna give it a shot?"
  • "Sweet!"
  • "The rules are cake: just walk around and follow the arrows on the ground."
  • "Here's the fun part, though... The arrows disappear after a bit!"
  • "You gotta score [80/90] points or more to win! Let's go!"
  • "Focus on the arrows—not on me!"
  • "That'll do! Let's see..."
  • "You needed [80/90] points or more to win. Think you got it done? You scored..."
  • "[number of] points!"
  • "That walk was serious business. Boom! This Power Moon is yours."
  • "Outta the way bro!"


  • "Where...ring...go? YOU take ring?!"


  • "Oh, it's fishin' time! ♪ 'Cause it's fishin' time!"
  • "Oh, it's time for fishin',[sic] ♪ Hook a big one on the line!"
  • "Oh, it's time for fishin',[sic] ♪ Even when it's c-c-cold!"
  • "Oh, it's time for fishin',[sic] ♪ Through poison, fire, or mold!"
  • "What―what just happened?"
  • "I can't fish under these conditions!"


  • "Yeah, fish really are the best."
  • "Get outta here!"


  • "Hey, Bro! You saved Princess Peach, huh? So proud of ya!"
  • "But enough of that. Get this, Bro. I came up with a new game. I call it Balloon World."
  • "Balloon World is a game where you search for balloons hidden by people all over the world!"'
  • "All right, let's begin. First, we'll move to the starting point."
  • "You play Balloon World by hiding and seeking balloons!"
  • "Waaah?! Go away!"

Madame Broode[edit]

  • "What's this?! You say you need to repair some silly old airship?!"
  • "Why, I could never part with any of my precious Power Moons!"
  • "It sounds to me like someone wants to be a snack for my adorable Chain Chompikins!"
  • "Hmmm! Do you remember me? You were ever so rude to me back in the Cascade Kingdom!"
  • "In fact, you were quite rude to all my darling Broodals! Which is why we're all here now!"
  • "Now...I do believe it's lunchtime for my newly powered-up Chain Chompikins!"


  • "Super Mario Odysseyyyyyyy!"
  • "Oh, come on!"
  • "Peach!"
  • "Thank you so much for playing my game!"


  • "Owie-wee! Try all you want, I will never surrender the delicious Sparkle Water!"

New Donkers[edit]

  • "Me head into the city?! Fuggedaboutit!"
  • "I always said we're doomed. Nobody ever listens to me!"
  • "The mayor is gonna earn her salary now!"
  • "Whoa! Hey there, little man. You're not with that moster fella, are you?"
  • "This whole sitch looks pretty bleak if you ask me. And even if you don't."
  • "That thing is tryin' to suck up all the juice from our city!"
  • "Mayor Pauline is the bee's knees! I wonder what she's up to now after the most recent excitement."
  • "Good to see folks in the city looking chipper again!"
  • "Look at this view! Wish I had a camera..."
  • "You can press Down Button to take a snapshot!"
  • "Is the mayor back at City Hall yet?"
  • "Welcome to New Donk City! The Big Banana! No place like it!"
  • "You know about the Action Guide, right?"
  • "Enjoy your stay."
  • "Yes indeed, even over the rhythm of the city, I hear you two talking."
  • "Been a while since I was able to be part of the city’s festival-been a long while!"
  • "If she’ll have me, you tell the big lady that it’d be my pleasure to join her on stage."
  • "Don't come over here!"
  • "Stay away!"


  • "Let's do the Odyssey!"
  • "Go, Mario! Jump, man!"

Princess Peach[edit]

  • "Mario!"
  • "Help me!"
  • "Stop it!"
  • "Enough!"
  • "Come on, let's go."
  • "Let's go home!"
  • "Hi!"
  • "Hey!"
  • "Hey, Mario!"
  • "Oh, Mario! Glad to see you're still traveling!"
  • "Tiara and I decided to take a trip around the world."
  • "It'll be nice to see all of these places we "visited" before, but on our own terms."
  • "Tiara told me she just loves how the ships at home like like hats!"
  • "Since we have this lovely opportunity, it seemed like a waster if we didn't see Tiara's homeland as well!"
  • "The people here are so gracious! I was given a Power Moon, but you can take it."
  • "I wonder if it's true that dinosaurs enjoy basking in the sun... It'd be fun to ask one!"
  • "Be careful you don't get so entranced by the big waterfall that YOU fall!"
  • "A Power Moon fell over the waterfall. But don't worry--it seems fine!"
  • "Come to think of it, I'd like to see those big ruins in the desert again..."
  • "To think this huge, stone thing could float! The world is full of wonders..."
  • "I even found a Power moon in the sand! Take good care of it."
  • "I was just thinking about that place with the beautiful flower fields... I'd like to see them again."
  • "The flowers in this kingdom are so lovely. I wonder how they grow them?"
  • "A Power Moon popped out of a flower! I hope it helps you in your travels."
  • "I wonder how the people in that underwater town spend their days... Maybe I'll ask them!"
  • "I can't decide what's lovelier here--the people or the architecture!"
  • "Oh, hey-- Power Moon came floating along. It'll be safer with you."
  • "I wonder what there is to see above the clouds... Probably something worth seeing, hm?"
  • "It feels amazing to be so high up! I feel like I can see forever..."
  • "Oh, a Power Moon flew by earlier. You're collecting them, right?"
  • "And there was that uncharted island that no one knew about, right? Someone should chart it!"
  • "The plant life here is so different from anything I've seen before!"
  • "I picked up a Power Moon as a souvenir for you."
  • "You know, I'd like to visit the big city again--maybe get a taste of hustle and bustle!"
  • "The buildings, the people, the taxis... There's so much to see here!"
  • "Oh, I almost forgot! I found a Power Moon in the crowd--add it to your collection."
  • "You know what I'm thinking about? The smell of the ocean! Maybe I should visit..."
  • "I love how this giant glass looks, sparkling in the setting sun..."
  • "Oh, and a Power Moon came in with the tide. It's all yours now!"
  • "That kingdom with all the snow seemed like a fun place to vacation. The people were so lively!"
  • "This Kingdom is freezing, but at least it's nice and warm indoors. I wonder if the racing warms it up..."
  • "We found a Power Moon buried in the snow. It's yours now."
  • "All this travel has really given me quite an appetite! I wonder where I could get a nice meal..."
  • "Between the bright colors and the delicious smells, this place is a delight!"
  • "But I accidentally bit into this Power Moon. It was hiding in a bowl of stew! You can take it."
  • "I heard there's a kingdom that's caught in a constant storm! I'd like to see that."
  • "This kingdom... Well, let's just say it's a fixer-upper."
  • "But I did find a Power Moon here! I hope it's useful to you in your travels."
  • "That castle... This could be a good opportunity to finally go there of my own free will!"
  • "Bowser's castle... I think this is the first time I've come here on my own two feet..."
  • "And a Power Moon fell down from the sky! You should probably take it."
  • "I think I've been to every place in the world... Oh! But I forgot there are places beyond the world!"
  • "How beautiful... Our entire world...right there in front of us."
  • "Oh, and this Power Moon came flying in from outer space. Would you like it?"
  • "I've been away for a while... I should head back before anyone starts to worry."
  • "My travels with Tiara were wonderful--so many memories!"
  • "And I realized something... How important it is to see different things and talk with different people..."
  • "That no matter what kingdom you're in, people smile with the same little sparkle!"
  • "We have to do what we can with our time to put smiles on as many faces as possible!"
  • "So I've decide to invite people from all over the world to the castle!"
  • "I picked up one last Power Moon as a souvenir for you. I hope you enjoy it."
  • "You're still on your journey, right Mario? Cappy? Good luck out there!"
  • "It's such a big world out there... So much to see and do!"


  • "Ahyuh hyuh hyuh! Yer too late! We already got the Lochlady Dress."
  • "And it even matches the boss's tuxedo. So no WAY we're givin' it back!"
  • "Hyuh, hyuh, hyuh! We got the Frost-Frosted Cake."
  • "The boss man sure is fussy 'bout cake. Reckon we got him the best one, though."
  • "Heh, gotta say... The whole time, we were perfect as perfect gets. Did everything Bowser wanted."
  • "Then you mucked it up. No one will hire us now. So, guess what? You're gonna pay-for ALL of it!"
  • "Hyuh, hyuh, hyuh!"

Roving Racers[edit]

  • "We're the Roving Racers! We rove the globe- racing in every kingdom we can get to!"
  • "Want to race, bro? You'll get a prize if you win."
  • "Aw, too bad. Maybe another time!"
  • "That's the spirit!"
  • "Oh, and Assist Mode doesn't work during races, alright?"
  • "Hey! We've got a new racer!"
  • "You'll win something good too if you win the race, bro. Up for it?"
  • "Want to try again? You'll win big if you take the race!
  • "Want to try again? No prize, so it'd just be for the thrill of it!"
  • "Tough break! But want to try again?"
  • "There's no prize, bro. But want to try for a new record?"
  • "Close! Here's a little something for giving your all."
  • "Blazing fast, bro! Here's the prize... A Power Moon!"
  • "I don't have time to deal with this!"

Ruined Dragon[edit]

  • "So...tired..."


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  • "Too late, chumps! We snagged the Soirée Bouquet already."
  • "Now why don't you scram so we can grab the rest of the flowers as well? Or maybe I'll just make you scram!"
  • "Haw haw! We stole a whole boatload of this place's Stupendous Stew for the boss's wedding chow."
  • "But I'm gonna head back up the volcano to finish off that stew...after I'm done with you!"
  • "Ha! Our home here's fine and all, but I'm ready for my own ship."
  • "YOURS! Oh, yeah, the Odyssey is gonna fit me REAL good-once I've kicked you to the curb!"
  • "HA HA HA HAAA!"


  • "Go elsewhere!"
  • "Greetings, traveler, and to your hat as well. Can you answer my riddle?"
  • "Yes, oh bearer of correct answers. There are so many other things you could be doing with your time."
  • "I have no more questions for you."
  • "Do what you must. I am done."

Steam Gardeners[edit]

  • "Danger! Danger!"


  • "What is the secret you're seeking? I know it, I know it, ha HA!"
  • "I can't tell you, but I'll give you a clue: [name of Power Moon] ♪"
  • "It's hiding somewhere and no peeking! ♪ Go find it, go find it, scra-CAW!"
  • "Scary, scary! Buh-gawkk!"

The Super Mario Players[edit]


  • "Cappy!"
  • "Isn't the scenery here just breathtaking? ♪"
  • "I used to come here a lot to play when I was little... ♪"
  • "How does it float? Why is it inverted? So mysterious! ♪"
  • "I have never seen so many flowers! ♪"
  • "Is this where that lovely Lochlady Dress that Peach wore was made? ♪"
  • "This place looks like a pillow! The perfect spot for a nap. ♪"
  • "What a trip we've been on! I've seen so many wondrous creatures! ♪"
  • "There are so many people here-I'm a bit overwhelmed. ♪"
  • "Is there anything more romantic than the sea? ♪"
  • "I wish I could join the races-they look positively thrilling! ♪"
  • "Everything here is as delicious as delicious can be! ♪"
  • "As long as I'm with Peach, I'll be fine, I'm sure. ♪"
  • "Whatever its history, this castle is simply splendid! ♪"
  • "I wonder where Bonneton is... It must look so small from here! ♪"
  • "Our travels were just wonderful. So many smiling faces! ♪"


  • "I hope you achieve all your dreams!"
  • "Congratulations, Mario! You achieved something new!"
  • "Your new achievement is [achievement name]!"
  • "I knew you could do it! Have a Power Moon - you've earned it!"


  • "Princess Peach is back!"
  • "Hi there, Cappy!"
  • "Miss Tiara is back with us too!"
  • "Welcome back, Mario!"
  • "Guess what? Our two dear friends were only on vacation!"
  • "Princess Peach is on the balcony!"
  • "Welcome to Peach's Castle!"
  • "Look! Princess Peach is back! And guess what? Turns out she went on a world tour just for fun!"
  • "She told me all about it. I'm so glad our lovely princess had a lovely time!"
  • "This is Yoshi's favourite food!"
  • "I saw him in the castle a while ago. Wonder where he is now..."
  • "I'm quite proud of this garden!"
  • "These motor scooters are so cool!"
  • "The captain went to the shop!"
  • "Hey! You can play Picture Match way up in the Cloud Kingdom. Fun!"
  • "Seems like all the things Bowser stole are back in their rightful kingdoms!"
  • "You know what I miss? Your blocky, polygonal look! Glad to let you in anytime you're dressed like that!"
  • "Right now, you don't have the look. Show me the gold ol' days, and then I'll unlock the door!"
  • "Yeah, your hat's got what it takes! But your clothes? Uh-uh. Sorry."
  • "Yippee! That look really takes me back. Except for one thing - the hat. You gotta go totally classic!"
  • "And you're SO classic right now, you can go right on in!"
  • "Ah, the good ol' days. Please, go inside!"
  • "Watch out for Goombas in the woods below!"
  • "My six sheep have run off! Please bring them back to me!"
  • "Oooh, the thrill of a good race! Nothing better."
  • "Yay! There's a whole world of mushrooms out there!"
  • "This music is the best!"
  • "We'd all like to hear some music!"
  • "Neat that everyone from everywhere is here!"
  • "I wonder where Luigi found those great balloons?"
  • "What a wonderful vehicle!"
  • "I bring my dog here so he can run around!"
  • "Hiya! (when Mario enters Crazy Cap)"
  • "We got some new products in!
  • "Is this what you wanted?"
  • "Thanks!"
  • "Can't wait to put on the [Hat/Clothes], huh?"
  • "If you want to change, there's a closet over there."
  • "Come again!"
  • "I'm guarding this Power Moon from Goombas! I'm not scared. Nope, not me!"
  • "I'm all scaredy around Goombas!"
  • "I'm learning how to shake it!"
  • "See that cave? I think some of Yoshi's favourite food is back there!"
  • "The Toad Brigade runs this store!"
  • "All visitors are welcome at the castle!"
  • "Please, tell me all about Bubblaine!"
  • "Hi there! Hats are all the rage in the Mushroom Kingdom!"
  • "Princess Peach brought them back from the moon as souvenirs!"




  • "Heh heh! Da boss warned me there'd be a fella widda mustache comin' along!"
  • "Guess we oughta introduce ourselves... We're da wedding planners for da couple."
  • "Dey call us...da Broodals!"
  • "We got dat treasure we needed, so we ain't got more business in dese parts."
  • "Of course, roughin' up goody-two-shoes meddlers WAS in da I guess we still got a little work to do!"
  • "Heh heh! Da boss wasn't kiddin' when he said you two're persistent!"
  • "But I owe it to da family, to all da Broodals, to come at ya with everythin' I got!"
  • "Heh heh! So what if you stopped da weddin'?"
  • "Ya can't stop ME. Ya can't stop ANY of us Broodals. Come on-let's see ya try!"
  • "Heh. Let's finish this, party crasher!"


  • "Get away from me!"
  • "No, no, no! My beautiful sheep! The three of them have escaped, and now I'll never get them baaaack!"
  • "Who put up these posters? They're an eyesore, littering up the place!"

Uncle amiibo[edit]

  • "Hey, kiddo! I'm Uncle amiibo. Pleased to make your acquaintance and all that."
  • "Hey, you got any amiibo?"
  • "If you happen to have some, put 'em to work! They're good at finding any stray Power Moons."
  • "And here's the kicker! Depending on the amiibo you use, you might get a little bonus costume, too!"
  • "It's gonna take about five minutes to look, so come back in a bit."
  • "This is kinda outta the blue, but..."
  • "I've got a present for you for introducing such a great amiibo!"
  • "That looks great on you! And hey, don't be a stranger!"
  • "If you ever want to use amiibo, you just let me know, sport."
  • "Eeeyah?!"


  • "Go away!"
  • "This here's a place where chefs come dressed to cook.
  • "No matter how you slice it, you're not."
  • "And hey, nice Chef Hat there. But you gotta get match-matchy with the clothes."
  • "And hey, nice Chef Suit there. But you're missing something up top."
  • "And hey-hey, you've got the clothes and hat! Come right on in."
  • "A chef's gotta dress to impress."


  • "Yoshi?! (What is this weird thing?!)"