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This is a list of quotes from the Nintendo 64 game Mario Party 2. Yoshi and Donkey Kong are not included in the lineup since they lack intelligible speech.

Multiple characters[edit]

  • It's just like the Princess to solve a problem.

Baby Bowser[edit]

Mario Land[edit]

  • Greetings!
  • Huh? "What happen to Toad?" Um...He's out sick with a cold. But, um...forget about that!
  • A new theme park just opened! C'mon! Let's go check it out!
  • All right! To Bowser Land we go!!!


  • First, we have to set the game options!
  • How many are playing this time?
  • Hey! Choose the characters the Players are gonna use.
  • Choose the (number) character(s) the Computer will control.
  • How will you set Computer Character skill levels?
  • Set the Computer Characters' skill level!
  • Choose the number of turns!
  • OK! Last, choose a Bonus setting...And be quick about it!
  • Are these setting OK?
  • Took you long enough! LET'S GO!!!

In board (Bowser Land)[edit]

  • Oi! We’re here! This is the fabled Bowser Land!!!
  • Bowser, King of the Koopas, created this Adventure Board and all its fun -- yet frightening -- events!
  • Aah! Bowser is truly, wonderfully great! Bowser is the true Super Star!
  • Even if you collect a million stars, you’ll never defeat Bowser! Never, ever, EVER!
  • But you can try if you like! Good luck finding your kidnapped buddy, Toad!
  • Well, we must decide turn order to begin this impossible quest!
  • Turn order has been decided! (player) is first. (player) is second. (player) is third. (player) is fourth.
  • And finally...A present from Bowser! 10 Coins apiece! Spend it wisely!
  • Try as your might, you'll never reach Super Stardom. But you might as well try, so get going!!!
  • Let me show you where the first Star you'll never get is.
  • The Star is right here. Give Toad 20 Coins to get the Star. What a rip-off!
  • Oh, yeah! Baby Bowser is over here. He'll take your Coins from you, but that's nothing to worry about!
  • I'll show you where to find the next Star you're after.
  • You'll find this Star right here. Give Toad 20 Coins to get it. Seem a little pricey to me!
  • Oh, yeah! Baby Bowser is now here. He might take few Coins, but don't mind that!

In board (Mini-Game Coaster)[edit]

  • Heh! Heh! Heh! Surprised? We're the Baby Bowser Bunch!!!
  • In order to finish the course, you must defeat us in a game of Shell Shocked!
  • HOWEVER! You, (player), shall have no teammates!
  • No complains? Good! And with that, let the games begin!!!
  • HUH!?! IMPOSSIBLE! How could we lose!?! (if the player wins)
  • AAAUGH! We'll remember this!!!

Star Space[edit]

  • I'm here to cause trouble on behalf of Bowser.
  • Now then, gimme 5 Coins! So nice of you! Heh, heh, HEH!
  • Now then, here are 5 Coins! I'm so nice! Heh, heh, HEH!
  • Heyyy! Wait a sec'! That's not right!?! Hey! Don't tell anyone, OK?
  • Now then, gimme (number) Coin(s)! You're so nice! Heh, heh, HEH! (if the player has 5 Coins or less)
  • Ahh-hah-hah! Ho-ho! I tricked you! You sure are gullible! Hah-hah!
  • Buh, buh, Bowser! I was hoping to see you! (if the player is wearing a Bowser Suit)
  • I stole these (number) Coins for you! It isn't much, but here you go! (if the player is wearing a Bowser Suit)

Baby Bowser Banker[edit]

  • Welcome to Bowser Bank. You have been pre-approved for a 5-Coin loan.
  • By the way, principle and interest will come to (number) Coins. Invest wisely!
  • Hello! Welcome! I'm afraid that your (number)-coin loan is due!
  • Welcome! Good day to you! I'm afraid that your (number)-coin loan is due!
  • Thank you very much! I hope you'll do business with Bowser Bank again!!!
  • Insufficient funds??? Look...We're a business. We can't just hand out money! Don't let this happen again! (if the player has less than the full amount but at least one coin)
  • Welcome! Good day to you! I'm afraid that your (number)-coin loan is past due!
  • WHAT?!? You haven't ANY Coins? Well, if you can't pay with Coins, then I'll have to take a Star! (if the player has no coins)
  • Welcome! Good day to you! I'm sorry, but those Coins I lent you are past due! (if the bank hasn't loaned any player yet)
  • Erm...I'm sorry! There seems to have been a slight error! Umm...Come again!?!
  • Welcome to Bowser Bank! Oh! Bowser!!! I'm sorry, I didn't realize it was you! (if the player is wearing a Bowser Suit)
  • It isn't much, but here! Take these 20 Coins! No! I insist! I insist! (if the player is wearing a Bowser Suit)

Baby Bowser Shopkeeper[edit]

  • Welcome! This is the Item Shop! You've come to a great place! We've got plenty of BARGAINS!
  • See! You really need this (Item) (Coins)! So, here you go!

Baby Bowser Officer[edit]

  • "This is the Parade Planning Office. Would you like to change the parade route?"
  • "This is the Parade Planning Office. Heh, heh! You don't have enough Coins to do anything!"
  • "Uh...uh...uh...Bowser! Please! Pick any parade route you like - any at all!" (if the player is wearing Bowser Suit)
  • "Say...It's only (number) turn(s) until the Parade begins! I bet you can't wait!!!"
  • "By the way...It's only (number) turn(s) until the Parade begins! I bet you can't wait!!"
  • "This is the Parade Planning Office. I hate to rain on your parade, but we're closed!" (last turn)

Bowser Parade[edit]

  • Thanks for waiting, everyone! Without further delay, the Bowser Parade shall begin! (it occurs every five turns and in the last turn; there is at least one player in the path)
  • Thanks for joining us! It's only 5 turns until the next parade! See you then! (4 turns if the game has 5 turns remaining)
  • Notice: Due to circumstances beyond our control, the parade has been canceled. (it occurs every five turns and in the last turn; there are no players in the path)
  • It's only 5 turns until the next parade! See you then!!! (4 turns if the game has 5 turns remaining)

Last Five Turns Event[edit]

  • Well, we've hit the last 5 turns! Let's see how you wretches are doing!
  • (player) is first! (player) is second. (player) is third. And (player) is in last place.
  • So...Who will win and become the so-called Super Star??? Hmmm...Who could it be?!?
  • Well, let's begin everyone's favorite game show - Predict the Super Star!
  • Our contestant today is none other than...! Join us on stage!
  • Here is a 10-Coin present from Bowser for (player), our candidate for victory!
  • And finally, an important announcement!!! From now until the game's end, Blue Spaces and Red Spaces are doubled in value - 6 Coins!!!
  • And the ever popular Duel Mini-Game is in effect!!! Now's your opporturnity!!! Don't let this chance pass you by!
  • OK! It's the final gasp! If you've already given up, at least LOOK like you're trying!

Big Boo[edit]

  • "I am Big Boo. I'll steal Stars or Coins from your opponents."
    • "Very, very, very well! I shall return!" (Steal Coins/Stars)
  • "Coins!!! Coins!!! I have brought (number) Coins!!! Be grateful to me!"
  • "Hee, hee! I've done it! See, Stars!!!"
  • "Hee, hee! I've done it! Except, I here were only (number) Stars!" (if any opponent has no stars)

Black Hole Bowser[edit]

Bowser Coin Beam[edit]

  • "Energy charged to 300%! Fire the Bowser Coin Beam NOW!!!" (if the countdown reaches 0 and there is at least one player in the path)
  • "Direct hit! Direct hit! All Coins are beamed to ME! Wah, hah, hah, HAH!"
  • "Huh!?! No sign of life! Reset the counter! I'll remember this!" (if the countdown reaches 0 and there are no players in the path)

Bowser Bomb[edit]

  • "Wah, hah, hah, HAH! I am Black Hole Bowser, plunderer of deep space!!!"
  • "This is MY sector! You shall follow MY orders! There shall be no rebellion!"
  • "I have found you, Space Patroller (player)!!!"
  • "I have found you, Space Patrollers (player 1) and (player 2)!!!"
  • "Now you shall yield all of your Coins to ME! Yield to Bowser Regime!"
  • "My space travel has ended. Play a Mini-Game to help you focus your energy."
  • "I must now log out. Long live the Bowser Regime!!!"

Ending cutscene[edit]

  • "Who are you seaching for?"
  • "Hmm??? Who might that be?"
  • "So! The Space Patrol will face me!"
  • "Wah, hah, hah, HAH! A force field surrounds me! You cannot break it!"
  • "It is impossible! You cannot get behind me!"
  • "Whooooa... my head is spinning!"
  • "I'll remember this!"


  • "Step right up! Step right up for the most amazing show around! Enter here, please! Don't push!"
  • "Thank you! Thank you! Please exit over there!"


These quotes are shared with Bob-omb Buddy in Mystery Land.

  • %>!+%¯::%??¯X%>:!?:+!!¯:X. (Did you read our message? Enter the ship, earthling!)
  • X%>%>!+%¯+?+>;X>%;+!!+. (Leave this place, earthling.)

Bob-omb Buddy[edit]

  • "Thanks to you, the curse Bowser cast has been removed!"
  • "Thank you for saving us! Thank you!"


In board[edit]

  • Ooo, hoo, hoo! Shall I steal Coins or Stars from a rival and give them to you?
    • Steal from whom? (list of opponents) (Steal Coins/a Star)
    • You'll regret that! Ooo, hoo, hoo, hoo! (Decline)
  • Trouble me not if you have no Coins! Shoo! Shoo! (Not enough coins)
  • How'd I do? How'd I do? I stole (number) Coin(s)!!! Ooo, hoo, hoo, hoo!!!
  • That was frightening! I could get only (number) Coins! How discouraging!
  • ...I got caught... I could only get (number) Coins. ...Sorry!

Ending cutscene[edit]

  • "BOO! I'm a ghost!"'


  • "Doom, doom, doom, DOOM! Well, well, well, (player)! Welcome to Bowser's Space!!!"
  • "I recommend you try one of my frightening events! I hope you enjoy it!"
  • "Step right up and let the roulette choose your fate!"
  • "It's Coins for Bowser!!! This is an exciting event in which you give (number) Coins to ME!"
  • "Let the event begin! I'll take those (number) Coins!!!"
  • "Let the event begin! Don't have enough, huh? Don't worry! I'll get by with what you've got!" (if the player doesn't have enough coins)
  • "It's Bowser's Coins Potluck!!! In this FUN event, ALL FOUR PLAYERS give ME coins!"
  • "Let the event begin! That'll be (number) Coins apiece!"
  • "Let the event begin! Huh!?! You don't have any Coins? NONE OF YOU!?!" (if all 4 players have no coins)
  • "You poor little things! Oh, the sorrow! Here, take 10 Coins apiece."
  • "Don't worry about paying me back. You all need it more than I do! Now don't be strangers!"
  • "Ahhh! Was that FUN or what!?! Thanks for playing! See ya! Wah, hah, Hah, HAH!"
  • "Ahhh! That was fun! I'll overlook the fact that you didn't have 'em all! See ya! Wah, hah, Hah, HAH!"
  • "It's Bowser's Appearing Act! I shall magically appear on the Map! This is a huge, historical event!" (same as Bowser Bomb)
  • "Oh! I'm so excited! I've even got butterflies! Uh-oh! Ummm...Excuse me!"
  • "It's Bowser's Chance Time!!! In this very lucky event, you get to play the ! Space Mini-Game!"
  • "You're so LUCKY! OK! Let the event begin!"
  • "Welcome to Chance Time! Aim for a complete reversal of fortunes in this LUCKY game! Good luck! Wah, hah, HAH!"
  • "Are you ready? Chance Time... START!!!"
  • "Oh-ho! The results are in! Why, (player) must give (number) Coins to ME!!"
  • "WHAT???!? You don't have enough Coins! Well, I'll have to get by with what Coins you've got. I'm such a nice guy!" (if the chosen player in Bowser's Chance Time has not enough coins)
  • "Well, see ya!!! Thanks for joining us for Chance Time! Wah, hah, Hah, HAH!"
  • "It's Bowser's Multiplying Toads!!! In this novel event, I shall increase the number of Toads!"
  • "It's amazing! The number of Toads shall increase from one to two!!! Here goes my amazing trick!"
  • "There! Your chance are doubled! There are now two! Incredible!"
  • "But I don't know if both of them are real or not...Hah, hah! Well, see ya!!!"
  • "Let me ask you this: Is it enough to keep battling for Stars, day after day!?!" (Bowser Revolution)
  • "Only equality can end this battle! Therefore... I shall divide your Coins equally!"
  • "This is Bowser Revolution!!! For many years I have dreamed of absolute equality!!!"
  • "For equality! Bowser Revolution!!!"
  • "The Bowser Revolution has ended! Thank you for joining me! See ya! Wah, hah, Hah, HAH!"

Bowser, King of the Koopas[edit]

Bowser Bomb[edit]

  • "WAH, HAH, HAH, HAH!!! I've been awaiting this moment! Bowser, King of the Koopas!!!"
  • "Now you shall understand the meaning of FEAR! WAH, HAH, HAH, HAH!!!"
  • "I've got you, (player)! WAH, HAH, HAH, HAH!!!"
  • "If you value your life, you'll give me ALL your Coins!!!"
  • "My journey has ended... You should play a Mini-Game or something to calm your nerves!"
  • "Farewell, all! Long live the King of the Koopas!!!"

Last Five Turns Event[edit]

  • I say that loser will win! WAH, HAH, HAH, HAH!!! (he will always choose the player who currently is in last place)

Ending cutscene[edit]

  • "What are you doin'!?!"
  • "LIAR!!!"
  • "Huh??? Who's that? Over there???"
  • "So you've come for me, (player)!?! I'll show you!!"
  • "WAH, HAH, HAH!!! What's wrong? Your best moves not working?"
  • "Why don't you try spinning me by the tail?"
  • "Metal Bowser has the weight of 10 Bowsers!!! I cannot be thrown! WAH, HAH, HAH!!!"
  • "Try as your might! You'll never do it!"

Bowser Sphinx[edit]

Bowser Bomb[edit]

  • "Wah, hah, HAH! I am the Bowser Sphinx and I love riddles!"
  • "If you cannot answer MY riddle, I shall take all your Coins!"
  • "I discovered a (player)! Wah, hah! Riddle time!"
  • "Here's your riddle: What did I eat for breakfast?"
  • "Three, two, one... Time's up! I ate mush! I get all your Coins!"
  • "My journey has ended... You should play a Mini-Game to raise your spirits."
  • "Farewell! Long live riddles!"

Ending cutscene[edit]

  • "But can you answer MY riddle!?!"
  • "If you value your life, you shall answer my riddle!"
  • "It's a shadow riddle! What's this???"
  • "Fool! I shall curse you!"
  • "Hmm?!? Who goes there!?!"
  • "I knew you'd come to try to solve my riddle!"
  • "Wah, hah, hah, HAH! You say it is me???"
  • "Dang! You're right!"
  • "My 2000-year-old curse!?! Curses!"

Bowser the Brash[edit]

Bowser Bomb[edit]

  • "Wah, hah, hah, HAH! I'm the West's rowdiest rascal, Bowser the Brash!"
  • "Us outlaws don't need no words. We talk with our popguns! So don't be talkin' back!! Wah, hah, hah, HAH!!!"
  • "Wah, hah, hah, HAH! Ah been a-lookin' fer you, (player)!!"
  • "If'n ya like livin', you'll gimme all yer Coins!! Understood!?!"
  • "My rootin' tootin' days are gone... Ya'll relax now with a Mini-Game and git yer wits about ya!"
  • "I'll be a-moseyin' on! Buh-bye, Bowser!"

Ending cutscene[edit]

  • "Lissen here, banker! Yer goin' in thar go git me more Coins!!"
  • "Huh!?! Who's over thar!?!"
  • "Are you meanin' to interfere!?! It'll cost ya if ya do!"
  • "Draw!!!"
  • "Augh! Ya corked me!"

Cap'n Bowser[edit]

Bowser Bomb[edit]

  • "Wah, hah, hah, HAH! I'm the pirate of all pirates, Cap'n Bowser!!!"
  • "Arrgh! I shall be the one to find the plunder! Aye! It"ll be the plank for any that gets in me way! Even me mudder! Wah, hah, hah, HAH!"
  • "Wah, hah, hah, HAH! Now I've got ye, Captain (player)!!!"
  • "Arrgh! Be the good matey and gimme all yer Coins, or ye'll meet the tip o' me sword!"
  • "My vovage has ended... Play a Mini-Game, mateys, to regain your composure. Arrgh!"
  • "Smooth sailin', mateys! Long live Cap'n Bowser!"

Ending cutscene[edit]

  • "Arrgh! Stop right there!"
  • "Ye wouldn't be a-thinkin' of stealin' me treasure, now would ya, matey?"
  • "Arrgh! That's better, me matey! WAH, HAH, HAH, HAH!!!"
  • "Arrgh!?! Who goes there!?!"
  • "So ye've come, Captain (player)!?! Ye'll never gets me plunder!!!"
  • "Arrgh! Impertinent fool!"
  • "Ouch! That's smarts!"


  • Ten-hut! It's time for a Battle Mini-Game!
  • Let's get started! The entrance fee this time is (number) Coins per player!
  • Who's going to win these (number) Coins that I've collected?
  • Let's get started! Let the battle begin!!!
  • Hey! Hey! HEY!!! Somehow I didn't get enough Coins... Well, anyway... (if any player has not enough coins)
  • As I was saying, let's get started! Let the battle begin!!!
  • Hey! Hey! HEY!!! None of you have enough Coins! Hey! Hey! HEY!!! (if all players have the total coins less than 20)
  • The Battle Mini-Game is off! Tch! What a waste of time!
  • It's time for a Duel Mini-Game! Are you ready? Let the duel begin!
  • Hey!
  • Pick your enemy!
  • Choose the number of Coins you will duel for. Pay for (number) Coin(s).
  • (player) is the victor!!!
  • (number) Coin(s) go to (player)!!! Excellent dueling!
  • A draw!?! Well, that's boring! I'll give these (number) Coin(s) back. That's no fun...

Koopa Troopa[edit]

Game's opening cutscene[edit]

  • Mario Land is being invaded by Bowser!!!

Item Shop[edit]

  • Welcome! This is the Item Shop. What would you like to do?
    • Which Item would you like? (list of items) (Buy an item)
    • Nothing? Well, please come again. Have a nice day! (Nothing)
  • Honestly, I'd have to say (player)! That's clear!
  • Welcome! This is the Item Shop. It's nice of you to drop in, but you already have an Item! You can't buy another one! Use your Item, then come back.
  • Welcome! This is the Item Shop. It's nice of you to drop in, but you don't have enough money. Come back after saving up a bit!
  • The Item Shop is now closed for the day. Please come again. (last turn)

Koopa Bank[edit]

  • This is Koopa Bank. Please deposit 5 Coins into our savings account.
  • Thank you very much. By the way, Koopa Bank has (number) Coins in its reserves.
  • This is Koopa Bank. I'd ask you to make a deposit, but you have no Coins to deposit! Please come again. By the way, Koopa Bank has (number) Coin(s) in its reserves.
  • As a Special Bonus, you get all the Coins currently in our reserves! ...Unfortunately, we don't have a single Coin! That's too bad!
  • As a Special Bonus for stopping at the bank, you get all (number) Coin(s) in our reserves!
  • Congratulations! I hope you will continue to do business with Koopa Bank!

Last Five Turns Event[edit]

  • Um...Well, I believe (player) will be the winner!

Interrupting Toad[edit]

  • Big news!!! The secret treasure has been found!! We must reach it before Capt. Bowser does!
  • Trouble just rolled into town!! Bowser the Brash is robbin' the First Mushroom Bank!!
  • Sensors detect a major anomaly! Black Hole Bowser is attacking!!!
  • We've got trouble! The Golden Statue has been found! C'mon! This way!
  • Oh, toil and trouble!!! The wizard, Bowser, is out wreaking havoc!
  • The hour has come! Bowser has changed his location! Now is the time for the final blow!

Boards' ending cutscene[edit]

  • "Yo, ho, ho and a cave full of treasure!"
  • "Uh...Uh... I was just lookin', Cap'n. I didn't take any!
  • "Why, it's Captain (character's name)!!!"
  • "Fine then, bully! You can have the treasure. Uh...Arghh!"
  • "I'm sorry! I'm sorry, but this is all the Coins we got!"
  • "Thank goodness it's you, Deputy (character's name)!"
  • "Oh, my! What to do? This is lookin' dangerous!"
  • "Th-Thank you! You saved me! I owe you my life!"
  • "Begin evacuation!!!"
  • "Oooff! H-hey! Where did everyone go?"
  • "Buh-Buh-Bowser!!!"
  • "No, please... Let me go!"
  • "It is none other than... (character's name) of the Space Patrol!"
  • "Thank you! Your bravery has again brought peace to deep space!"
  • "Hmmm...Clearly this statue holds the answers to the riddles of the artifacts!"
  • "Uh...I know! A cow... ?"
  • "You did it! The riddle of the artifacts has been solved!"
  • "You came! (Character's name)!"
  • "Ohh! It looks like ghost could appear at any moment..."
  • "Oh! Thank you... AHHH! Bowser!!!"
  • "Rrrribbit!"
  • "Rrrribbit! (It's you,) Rrrrrribbit! ((Character's name)!)"
  • "Retreat! Retreat!"
  • "Oh! Thank you so much! You saved me!"
  • "...He's already gone... We just missed him!"
  • "Luh-looking for a bathroom!"
  • "Please don't hurt me!"
  • "Just in time! (Character's name)!"
  • "You did it! You won!"


  • "Yah-ha, I'm the best!"
  • "Yeehoo!"


  • Welcome to Mystery Mansion. With our Darkness Lamp, you can turn day into night!
    • Excellent! Let me prepare... Now, are you ready? (Light Lamp)
    • Oh, really? Perhaps another time. I'll be waiting. (Decline)


  • Ho-ho!
  • Oh no!
  • Yipee! Ha, ha, ha!
  • He, he! I've got it!

Minigame Announcer[edit]

  • Start!
  • Ready? Go!
  • Finish!
  • Goal!
  • New record!
  • Miss!
  • Draw!
  • Chance Time!
  • Chance Time? (Bowser's Chance Time)
  • Got item!
  • Got item? (Bowser Bomb)

Mr. I[edit]

  • I am Mr. I. I can use my magic to warp you to a distant space!
    • Are you ready for my magic? Hocus pocus! (Warp)
    • Ahhh, hmm... ...Disappointing! (Decline)
  • Oh! You do not have enough Coins! Come again when you do.

Mushroom Genie[edit]

  • "Did you call, master? I am the Mushroom Genie who lives in this Magic Lamp."
  • "Well, let me fly you to Toad! Please ride on my back!"
  • "Hang on tight! Here we go!!! Mushroom-Kadabra!"


  • At the end of this turn the dreaded pirate, Cap'n Bowser, shall appear. Much to your dismay...
  • Bowser the Brash will show his ugly face when this here turn ends. Regrettable, ain't it?
  • When this turn culminates, Black Hole Bowser shall appear! Much to your dismay...
  • At the end of this turn, the Bowser Sphirix shall appear. Much to your misfortune...
  • At the end of this turn, the wizard, Bowser, shall appear, much to your dismay...
  • At the end of this turn, Bowser, King of the Koopas, shall appear. Much to your chagrin...
  • At the end of this turn, Bowser shall appear on the Adventure Board! Beware! (Bowser's Appearing Act)
  • ...Bowser ran! (if the wheel lands on the yellow text)
  • You already have an Item, so you can't play the Item Game.
  • I'm sorry, but the Item Game isn't held on the last turn.
  • You cannot use a Bowser Bomb here. (if the player tries to use the Bowser Bomb)
  • (player), beware!!! Boo has come to steal your Coins! Press the A Button Button repeatedly to pull Boo away!
  • Everyone! Beware!!! Boo has come to steal your Coins! Press the A Button Button repeatedly to chase Boo away! (Big Boo)
  • (player 1)'s Item now belongs to (player 2)! (Plunder Chest)
  • Why, (player 1) and (player 2) have switched places! (Warp Block)
  • You've transformed into Bowser! For this turn only, when you pass another player, you can steal 20 Coins! (Bowser Suit)
  • Thinking it was Bowser, (player 1) gave (number) Coins to (player 2)! (if player 2 is wearing Bowser Suit)
  • You found a Hidden Block!
  • The Hidden Block contains... A Star/20 Coins!!!
  • It says, "If you throw 10 Coins from atop the relic, you can warp to a distant relic." What will you do? (Mystery Land)
  • "If you throw 10 Coins from atop the relic, you can warp to a distant relic." But you don't have enough Coins.
  • Why, day/night turned to night/day! (Horror Land)
  • Magic prevents Whomp from moving at night.
  • It is said that the Big Boo statue moves in the moonlight! (if the player tries to meet Big Boo in the daytime)
  • You hear raucous laugher, but none will answer the door! (if the player tries to meet Magikoopa in the nighttime)
  • (player) was suddenly overcome by the urge to jump into the pipe! (Bowser Land)


Game's opening cutscene[edit]

  • I have a name we can all agree upon!
  • The name of this world shall be... [Peach Land!]


  • Yeah!
  • Oh no!
  • Yeah! Peach's got it!
  • Aaaaaaaaah!'

Piranha Plant[edit]

  • Whoa-ho! You've got so many Mini-Games! This one's fun, too, so here! This is Dungeon Dash!
  • It's a 2 vs. 2 Mini-Game. Check it out!
  • Way to go! Keep right on playing! There's more to come!
  • Whoa-ho-ho! Look at all these Mini-Games! You've almost got 'em all! You must be really good!
  • I'm impressed! Here! Take this! It's Rainbow Run!
  • It's a 1 vs. 3 Mini-Game. Give it a try!
  • OH MY GOODNESS! Look at all these Mini-Games! Wow! You've almost got 'em all! You must be really good!
  • I'm so happy... Here! Take these! This is Dungeon Dash!
  • And this one is Rainbow Run!
  • WOW!!! I've never seen so many Mini-Games!
  • WOW! You're amazing! It blows me away!
  • I'm going back to the forest, but keep on playing!
  • Well, see ya!
  • Bye-bye!

Shy Guy[edit]

  • Hmm, hmm, hmm! Let us cast a Slow Course on someone.
    • Whom shall you course? (List of players) (Cast Course)
  • (player) has been cursed, and can only move 1 to 3 spaces on the next turn!
  • Casting the Slow Curse costs 5 Coins. Come back after saving up! (if the player has not enough coins)

Skeleton Key[edit]

  • "I could open this Gate for you... What should I do?"
    • "OK, I'll open it now. I guess this is goodbye. I'll miss you..." (Open It)
    • "Oh? Not yet? So, you still need me? Thank goodness!" (Don't Open It)
  • "I'm sorry... But you can't use me unless you're in front of a Keyed Gate." (if the player tries to discard the Skeleton Key like Mario Party 3)


  • I'm the Snifit Patrol. For 5 Coins, I'll set up a speed trap. Interested?
    • Understood. I'll get right to work on that speed trap! (Set Trap)
    • Oh, really? Well, I've got some paperwork to do, so please excuse me. (No Thanks)
  • Don't you worry. I'll catch those speeders red-handed!
  • Eh? You don't have 5 Coins? Umm... I just remembered, I... need to investigate something.


  • "Howdy, (player). Hop aboard for a ride?"
    • "Hit the block and choose a direction, would ya? A Goomba will be a-sendin' ya backwards." (Yep)
      • "Now that's a sight! A-forward we shall go! Choo-choo!" (Toad's face)
    • "Won't be needin' a ride, eh? Well, I reckon that'll do. Take care now, (player)." (Nope)
  • "I didn't hit anythin', did I? I don't rightly recall..." (if there is at least one player in the path)
  • "Howdy, (player). Ticket are 5 Coins, so come back after ya save up." (if the player has not enough coins)


  • Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! What's up? What's up? What's the rush???!! If you're so rushed, hop on my back for a ride! ...For 5 Coins. OK! Hop on! Hop on! Hop on and hang on!


  • Welcome! Welcome! For the minimum (number)-Coin toll, you may pass through here.
    • How much will you pay? Choose the amount with your Control Stick. (Pass)
    • You won't pass? OK. Bye. (Don't Pass)
  • Thank you! Thank you! OK, move along!



  • Okay!
  • Yo!
  • Yahooooo!
  • Wooooo!

Game's opening cutscene[edit]

  • What kind of story do we have this time? Well, let me begin...
  • ...One day, Mario and friends created a new world.
  • That world was Mario Land.
  • But there was one who didn't think too highly of the name, Mario Land.
  • It was that scoundrel, Wario!
  • Wario thought that since he was the Super Star, it should be called Wario Land.
  • But once he spoke up, an argument about who the real Super Star was ensured.
  • Then, Princess Toadstool said, (Peach's quote).
  • (Multiple characters' quote) they all thought, feeling a bit humbled.
  • So the raucous argument continued for a while.
  • About that time, a terrible thing happened in "Mario Land".
  • Without warning, Bowser appeared and began attacking Mario Land!!!
  • A good Koopa Troopa who discovered Bowser ran towards Mario and company!
  • Then Koopa shouted as loud as he could: (Koopa Troopa's quote) ...but he was ignored.
  • But Toad, who couldn't stand it any longer, said: Why don't we name this world after the Super Star who defeat Bowser!?!
  • Mario and everyone else agreed with Toad's proposal.
  • Immediately, the all began scrambling as fast as they could toward "Mario Land!"
  • Will Mario and friends ever be able to defeat Bowser?
  • This is the Legend of Mario Land. Let us see how it unfolds..!

Mario Land[edit]

  • Hello! Greetings! And welcome to Mario Land!!!
  • Now then, please choose your destination.
  • Well then, we're off to (board) Land!!!

Pre-game (main boards)[edit]

  • First, we have to choose the game settings.
  • How many will play this time?
  • Choose the (number) character(s) the Player(s) will use.
  • Choose the (number) character(s) the Computer will control.
  • How will you set Computer Character skill levels?
  • Please set the Computer Character skill level.
  • Please choose the number of turns.
  • Finally, please choose a Bonus setting.
  • Are these setting OK?
  • Now that you're done, LET'S GO!!!

Pre-game (Mini-Game Stadium)[edit]

  • Welcome to Mini-Game Stadium!
  • So, which mode will you play this time?
  • OK. Now we must choose game settings.
  • OK! Let the (mode) begin!!!

Pre-game (Mini-Game Coaster)[edit]

  • Welcome to Mini-Game Coaster!
  • Choose one character to be your partner.
  • With that, let's start! Good luck!!!

In board (main boards)[edit]

  • We’re here, everyone! This is (board name)!!!
  • This is a tropical isle. Pirates are scouring the island in search of the secret treasure.
  • You, too, shall become pirates and scour the island for booty!
  • Your objective this time, is to defeat Capt. Bowser, your nemesis, and find the treasure.
  • Find the secret treasure to become the Super Star of Pirate Land.
  • This is a pioneer town of the Old West. A steam engine’s whistle echoes across the prairie.
  • You shall become deputies. It’s your job to keep the Wild West peaceful!
  • Your objective this time, is to defeat Bowser the Brash, the scourge of this quiet town.
  • Defeat Bowser to become the Super Star of Western Land. Good luck!
  • This is a space station. As a deep-space crossroads, many spaceships pass by here.
  • You shall join the Space Patrol. Your job is to maintain peace in space!
  • Your objective this time, is to protect this station from Black Hole Bowser, plunderer of outer space.
  • Keep deep space a peaceful place to become the Super Star of Space Land!
  • These are hidden jungle paths. Countless mythical artifacts tower over these mysterious pathways.
  • As archeologists, search for the stories behind the artifacts.
  • Your objective this time, is to defeat Bowser Sphinx, a legendary monster that poses riddles to all travelers it meets.
  • Whatever it takes, defeat Bowser to become the Super Star of Mystery Land!
  • In this haunted forest, witches’ cottages line the paths, and ghosts gather after nightfall.
  • Wield the magic of truth and justice when venturing through the forest.
  • Your objective this time, is to defeat the Wizard Bowser, a resident of the haunted forest.
  • Defeat Bowser to become the Super Star of Horror Land!!!
  • Now before the adventure begins, we must decide turn order.
  • Turn order has been decided. (player) is First. (player) is Second. (player) is Third. (player) is Fourth.
  • And lastly, a present!!! I'll give you each 10 Coins. Please use them wisely.
  • Good luck becoming the Super Star of this land! Well then, let's get started!
  • Let me show you where the first Star is located.
  • Here's the first Star. Give 20 Coins to Toad to get the Star.
  • By the way, Baby Bowser is over here. He's may take Coins from you, so beware.
  • You finally made it! Would you like to trade your Coins for a Star?
    • OK then! Here's your Star! (Yes)
    • OK, here's your Shining Star! (Yes, Bowser's Multiplying Toads)
    • Come visit me again! Goodbye! (No)
  • Oh! Too bad! You don't have enough Coins. Come back after saving up 20 Coins.
  • Wow! Amazing! You can't carry any more Stars! If you happen to lose any, though, come visit me! (if the player has 99 Stars, impossible without hacking)
  • Let me show you where to find the next Star.
  • The next Star is here. Give 20 Coins to Toad to get the Star.
  • By the way, Baby Bowser has moved over here. He's after your Coins, so avoid him if you can.
  • The Star is now over here. Trade Toad 20 Coins to get the Star. (Bowser's Multiplying Toads)
  • Wait a second!!! There's a Toad over there, too!?! Which is the real one???
  • Hey! Pretty lucky! You got 2 of the same number! You win 10 coins! (double number that are not 7)
  • All right! You did it! You hit the jackpot! You win 20 Coins! (double 7s or triple number that are not 7)
  • WOW! You did it! It's a Lucky 7 jackpot! You win 50 Coins! (triple 7s)
  • Welcome to Chance Time! Aim for a complete reversal of fortunes in this lucky event! Good luck!
  • Diffirent things will happen when you hit the blocks, so aim carefully! Now then, Chance Time...Start!
  • The results are in! (player 1) must give (number) Coins to (player 2)!!!
  • Oh! The results are in! Why, (player 1) and (player 2) must trade all of their Coins!!!
  • Oh! The results are in! (player 1)'s Stars go to (player 2)!!!
  • The results are in! Why, (player 1) and (player 2) must trade all of their Stars!!!
  • The results are in! Uh-oh! Oh no! OH MY! (player 1) and (player 2) must trade all of their Stars and Coins!!!
  • This is amazing! All right! Time to trade! Here we go!
  • This is truly amazing! All right! Time to trade! Here we go!
  • However, (player 1) doesn't even have (number) Coins. Too bad!

In board (Mini-Game Stadium)[edit]

  • Welcome to Battle/Duel Mode!!! Please choose a match.
  • Choose the type of Mini-Games you will play. (Battle)
  • Please pick teams.
  • Determing the first/next Mini-Game...
  • It's (minigame's name)! Get ready to battle!
  • Are you ready?
  • Here we are, everyone! This is Mini-Game Stadium!!! (Trial)
  • Here, you can test your Mini-Game skills against one another!
  • There are no Stars here. Victory or defeat is determined by the Coins won in Mini-Games.
  • So, you do not gain or lose Coins for landing on Blue Spaces or Red Spaces.
  • However, when you complete one lap, you will receive a 10-Coin Bonus.
  • When all turns have ended, the player with the most Coins will be declared the victor.
  • Good luck, everyone! May you all perform to the best of your abilities.
  • Now then, let's determine turn order!
  • Keep your eyes on victory! Good luck, everyone! Let the games begin!!!
  • Nice work! Here! You get 10 Coins for completing 1 lap!
  • It is now Turn (number). You are in spot (number) in the rankings. Good luck!
  • How will you pick duels? (Duel)

In board (Mini-Game Coaster)[edit]

  • Welcome to Mini-Game Coaster!
  • Shall I explain the rules?
  • Your objective is to clear all Mini-Games and reach the finish. (Yes)
  • Ride in this cart as it goes farther and farther down for each Mini-Game cleared.
  • To reach the finish, you will have to clear all Mini-Games found in the 9 Worlds.
  • You can play Mini-Games by moving to these Mini-Games Spaces.
  • Once you clear a Mini-Game, you can proceed to the next space.
  • However, if you miss, you will lose 1 remaining life.
  • If you miss when you have 0 remaining lives, it's Game Over for you.
  • Your remaining lives are displayed in the top-left corner of the screen.
  • Your Coins are displayed in the top-right corner of the screen.
  • When you collect 100 Coins, you gain 1 life.
  • When you come to a Save Space, you can save your progress up to that point.
  • After Game Over, you must start again from the last Save Space at which you saved your progress.
  • Whenever you come to the Save Space, be sure to save your game.
  • If you press S while moving on the map, you can access the Pause Screen.
  • If you want to quit your game, choose Save & Quit on the Pause Screen.
  • However, be aware that your Save & Quit will be erased the next time you start again.
  • OK. Let's start the game. Oh! But first... Please choose the course you will take this time. (list of courses)
  • The Hard Course is a very difficult course that leads through World 9.
  • Are you sure you want the (course)?
  • OK! It's (course) for you! Good luck! (Yes)
  • This is the World (number) Save Space. Would you like to save your progress?
  • OK to overwrite this World (number) data? (Yes)
  • Save complete! Would you like to continue? (Yes)
  • Good luck! (Yes)
  • Nice job, (player)! Getting this far is not easy!
  • Only skilled players make it here on the Hard Course!
  • However... If you'd only gotten here sooner, I could have commended you for reaching the Goal.
  • There's no way around it. Could you please start again from World 1?
  • (player)! Ignore him! He's a fake!
  • What are you trying to say? Are you calling me a fake? I'm the real Toad!
  • Drat! Foiled again! There's nothing to do but... (Baby Bowser Bunch reveal)

Last Five Turns Event[edit]

  • We have reached the last 5 turns! Let's look at the standings!
  • (player) is first! (player) is second. (player) is third. And (player) is in last place.
  • But who shall be victorious and become the Super Star??? With that, it's time for everyone's favorite show: Predict the Super Star!
  • And making the prediction this time is this individual! Come join us on stage!
  • Our predicted winner, (player), shall receive a 10-Coin present from (character)!
  • And finally, an important announcement!!! From now until the end of the game, all Blue and all Red spaces shall be doubled to 6 Coins!!!
  • And if two players land on the same space, a Duel Mini-Game will begin! This is a huge chance! Be sure to make the most of this opportunity!
  • This is your final chance! Aim for Super Stardom and give it all you've got!!!

Results (main boards)[edit]

  • The final turn has ended. So, who is the Super Star??? It's time to hear the final results! First, we'll count everyone's Stars! Here are the Stars you've all earned!
  • Now that we've seen your Stars, we'll count your Coins! You've collected... ...this many Coins!
  • Now, I'll award the Bonus Stars! The following players shall receive 1 Star for excellent performance!
  • First, is the Mini-Game Star Star! This award goes to the player who collected the most Coins in Mini-Games.
  • Next is the Coin Star Award. This award goes to the player who collected the most Coins in board game play.
  • Next is the Happening Star Award. This award goes to the player who landed on the most ? Spaces.
  • The Mini-Game/Coin/Happening Star award goes to... (player)!
  • It's a tie! Mini-Game/Coin/Happening Star awards go to both (player) and (player)!
  • And that finally brings us to the Super Star! Now for the official announcement! The Super Star is... (Gets interrupted by Red Koopa)
  • This is incredible! Two/Three players have the exact number of Coins and Stars! They are (player's names)!
  • This is a rare sight indeed, folks! All four players have the exact number of Coins and Stars!
  • In a tie, victory is determined by the Dice Block! The highest number wins! OK! Hit your blocks!
  • And the winner is... (player)!

Results (Mini-Game Stadium)[edit]

  • Congratulations! Victory belongs to (player)! (Battle)
  • Victory goes to the team of (player 1) and (player 2)!!!
  • Continue playing?
  • The turns have all ended. The question remains... Who shall emerge victorious? (Trial)
  • With that, let's count everyone's Coins!
  • Now I shall announce the final results!
  • Victory belongs to... (player)!!! Congratulations!!!
  • Wow! (player) is the victor! (Duel)

Results (Mini-Game Coaster)[edit]

  • Spectacular, (player)! The way you beat the Baby Bowser Bunch was incredible!
  • Well, let me say it again... Congratulations! You've cleared the Hard Course!
  • As your reward for this remarkable feat, I present you a prize of 1000 Coins!!!
  • Now I would like to take this opportunity to announce a Special Bonus!
  • You've cleared the course with (number 1) live(s) remaining! And as you had (number 2) Coin(s)...
  • Your Special Bonus is ((number 1)*100+(number 2)) Coins!!! Please take these!!! (Example: if the player has 36 lives and 25 coins at the end, the player will receive 3625 coins)
  • (player)! You are truly amazing! You are the true Super Star! Keep up the great work! Toad is rooting for you!

Boards' ending cutscene[edit]

  • "Thank you, (player)! You are the Super Star of Pirate Land!!!"
  • "Ya did real good, (player)! Yer the real Super Star of Western Land!!!"
  • "Well done, (player)! You are the true Super Star of Space Land!!!"
  • "Great work, (player)! You are the Super Star of Mystery Land/Horror Land!!!"
  • "You mustn't give up, (player)!!!"
  • "We're behind you! Take this Star!!!"
  • "Way to go, (player)! You are the true Super Star!!!"

Game's ending cutscene[edit]

  • And so, after a long and tiring battle, Mario and friends finally defeated Bowser.
  • And they lived happily ever after in Mario Land!
  • Bravo!!! Bravo!!!
  • Let me introduce our talented and dedicated cast!
  • I introduce to you Donkey Kong! And Wario!!!
  • Ladies and gentlemen, Yoshi! And Peach!
  • Luigi! And Mario!!!
  • And finally, the talent actor who excelled as the villain! Bowser!!!
  • Ladies and gentlemen, how about one last round of applause for the cast?
  • Eh? Why are Mario and Bowser getting along so well?
  • ...Actually, this has all been just one of the many attractions at Mario Land.
  • How was it? Did you enjoy yourselves?
  • We hope to see you again here at Mario Land. Farewell!


  • Ah. hah. hah, hah!
  • So ein mist![1]
  • Wario, I gotta win!


In board[edit]

  • Would you like to take this path I'm blocking?
    • Fine, then. I'll move. (Take It)
    • OK. Then, buh-bye! (Decline)
  • If you don't have 5 Coins, you may not pass! (if the player has not enough coins)

Last Five Turns Event[edit]

  • It could always be Mario!!! Could it not? Heh, heh, heh! Mario! Mario! Mario! (he will always choose Mario regardless Mario is competing or not)


  • "Hello, (player). How'd ya like to invite everyone to a hooternanny?"
    • "Splendid! Ah'll call ev'ryone. Hey ev'ryone! The hooternanny's startin'! Ya'll c'mon over this a-way!!" (Sure)
    • "Hmm...Ya don't like parties? Aw, shucks! That's too bad. Ya'll come back now, ya hear?" (No Thanks)
  • "Yee-haw! We're gonna have a grand ol' hooternanny!! Are ya'll ready?"
  • "Tch! You haven't enough Coins. Aww, shucks!! Ah'm terribly sorry. Come back after saving some Coins." (if the player has not enough coins)

Wizard Bowser[edit]

Bowser Bomb[edit]

  • "Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm! I'm the legendary wizard, Bowser!"
  • "Welcome to the Haunted Forest, which I used magic to create! Shall I use my magic on you and turn you into ghosts? Wah, hah, hah, hah, HAH!"
  • "Hmm, hmm, hmm! Now I've got you, (player)!"
  • "Hmm, hmm, hmm! What are pretties like (player 1) and (player 2) doing here?"
  • "Now be a good pretty and give me all your Coins or I'll test my magic on you!"
  • "Huss, my pretties, and give me all your Coins, or I'll test my magic on you!"
  • "Er? No Coins!?! Then I shan't waste a spell on you!"
  • "My wanderings are over... Play a Mini-Game to regain your wits!"
  • "Good luck in your travels! Bowser's magic is best!!!"

Ending cutscene[edit]

  • "Are you OK?"
  • "MY magic is the best magic! Abra-ca-FROG-ra!"
  • "Huh??? Who goes there?"
  • "MY magic is the best magic! Hocus pocus!"
  • "Uh-oh! Then I'll get you with... Abra-ca-FROG-ra!"
  • "GULP!"
  • "Rrribbit! (I'll remember this!)"


  • Welcome to Mini-Game Land! This Mini-Game Theme Park sits nestled in a colorful forest! Once you buy some Mini-Games with the Coins you've collected, you can play those Mini-Games here as often as you like. Choose the place you'd like to visit and press the A Button Button.
  • I'm Woody! You can buy Mini-Games from me...
  • I'm sorry, but I don't have any Mini-Games right now. Come back after you find some.
  • That's Mini-Game Park. You can play Mini-Games there!
  • That's Mini-Game Park. You can't play Mini-Games there just yet.
  • You can't enter until you buy some Mini-Games!
  • That's the Coin Box. Your coins are kept in there.
  • You have (number) coins in the Coin Box right now.
  • Oh my! It's empty! 0 Coins... Go to other lands to collect more Coins!
  • This is the Records Bottle. It contains Mini-Game records.
  • That's Mini-Game Stadium. Go there to do battle.
  • That's Mini-Game Coaster. It's a 1-player adventure ride!