Dinky Rinky

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Dinky Rinky
Publisher Nintendo
Platform(s) Adobe Shockwave
Release date 1999[citation needed]
Genre Sports
Rating(s) N/A
Mode(s) Single player
Media HTML
Input Mouse

Dinky Rinky was an Adobe Shockwave game published by Nintendo to promote the release of Mario Party 2 on the Nintendo 64.


The game is a single-player adaptation of Speed Hockey from Mario Party 2. The player uses their mouse's vertical position to move their paddles up and down, which in this game are the 2nd and 4th paddles from the left. A notable element is that the paddles are much smaller than they are in Speed Hockey, and combined with the puck being much faster, makes it much more difficult to score a goal. The game ends once one side scores 10 goals, and the item the player earns depends on the score of the two sides and who won.