Snifit Patrol

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The Snifit Patrol
“Eh? You don't have 5 Coins? Umm...I just remembered, I...need to investigate something.”
Snifit Patrol, Mario Party 2

The Snifit Patrol, also referred to as Shy Guy Cops[1], is a police force of Snufits in the Space Land board of Mario Party 2. Players can pay them to set up a "speed trap" when they come across a unit standing by. They chase after speeding Whomps and Thwomps to ensure the safety of the players playing on the board when a player lands on a Happening Space; when a speed trap is set, the chase lasts longer.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ムーチョじゅんけ
Mūcho Junke
Snifit Patrol
German Flitzer-Blitzer -
Italian Poliziotto Snifit Snifit Cop


  • Despite being called Snifits, they are shown without lower bodies in their icons, and additionally lack the black masks Snifits usually wear. The naming inconsistency is likely due to both Snifits and Snufits having the same name in Japanese at the time, resulting in an overlooked translation.


  1. ^ "The two police stations play off the Happening Spaces. When you cross a police station, the player may spend 5 Coins to set a speed trap. This sends a Shy Guy Cop after a speeding Block, pushing you even farther along the path." Barton, Jeff, Mario De Govia, Tri Pham, and Donato Tica. Mario Party 2 Prima's Official Strategy Guide, page 34.