Goodness Rakes

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Goodness Rakes
Screenshot of Goodness Rakes
Publisher Nintendo
Platform(s) Adobe Shockwave
Release date Unknown
Rating(s) N/A
Mode(s) Single player
Media HTML
Input Mouse

Goodness Rakes was an Adobe Shockwave game published by Nintendo to promote the release of Mario Party 2 on the Nintendo 64. It could be played on the official Mario Party 2 website, along with a selection of other Adobe Shockwave games. Its name is a pun on the phrase "for goodness sakes."


The game is a single-player adaptation of the minigame Rakin' 'em In from Mario Party 2. Instead of the different kinds of Mushrooms found in Rakin' 'em In, there are only 9 identical mushrooms that the player has to rake in, so that there won't be any ties. To rake in the mushrooms, the player has to click the button on the bottom of the screen with their mouse to trigger the rake. Across from the player there is a computer player playing as Bowser (represented by the Bowser bomb from Bowser's Big Blast). The winner is whoever rakes in the most mushrooms. There is no time limit. When the player wins, they win an item, such as a Bowser bomb when they win 5 to 4.