Bowser Bomb (item)

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“At the end of this turn, Bowser, King of the Koopas, shall appear. Much to your chagrin...”
Bowser Bomb, Mario Party 2
The Bowser Bomb

The Bowser Bomb is an item in Mario Party 2. It is obtainable only in item minigames and from the shop on the northeast corner of Bowser Land that forcibly sells players random items. Once obtained, the character reacts in a different manner, not like when receiving another item (complete with the announcer saying "Got Item?" in a confused tone, as opposed to the usual cheerful "Got Item!" with an exclamation). Unlike the other items, the Bowser Bomb activates automatically at the end of the turn before the Minigame event. Bowser will appear at Baby Bowser's location (a former Star Space) and roll three Dice Blocks, then start moving around the board. If Bowser meets a player, he steals all of their Coins. After his turn, Bowser simply disappears.

Bowser's costume depends on the board:


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クッパばくだん
Kuppa bakudan
Bowser Bomb
French Bombe Bowser Bowser Bomb
Italian Bomba Bowser Bowser Bomb


Using a Plunder Chest to steal a Bowser Bomb and then attempting to manually use it causes this text box to appear.
  • This is Donkey Kong's favorite item despite being classified as a bad item. According to the Mario Party 2 manual and character selection screen, this is because Donkey Kong thinks he can take down Bowser in a fight.
  • If the Bowser Bomb is stolen through a Plunder Chest, it can be used manually. However, doing so only brings up a text box saying: "You cannot use a Bowser Bomb here.".
  • If two Toads are present on the board due to Bowser's Multiplying Toads, the fake will still reveal himself by transforming into Bowser despite the fact that it would therefore expose where the real Toad was.