List of Mario Party 2 pre-release and unused content

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Much like Mario Party, Mario Party 2 contains the same type of leftovers and preserving some of its unused content, suggesting that it is using the same engine as the previous with some enhancements.

Debug Mode[edit]

MP2 Debug Mode.png

The debug mode consists of minigames and a crude character select. It should be worth noting that the pages are missing entries, such as no entry shown for #121.

  • A Button - Select a minigame, confirm a character, etc.
  • B Button - On game list, ask to erase game data.
  • Control Stick - Navigate menus.
  • START Button - Start the mini-game (A Button doesn't do it)
  • R Button - Changes the game mode.
  • Z Button - On the game list, opens the options menu to be more precise how the game handles input and such. START Button seems to randomize elements, such as PAD0/PAD1/PAD2/PAD3 (represents P1/P2/P3/P4 controller ports respectively). PADN represents what corner is reading what controller port. GRP determines which team a player is on in certain Mini-Games.

Page 1[edit]

Index Japanese Name Minigame
100 Koopa Slot Bowser Slots
101 Tarutaru Gorogoro Roll Out the Barrels
102 Teresa Mekuri Coffin Congestion
103 Shuttle Hammer Hammer Slammer
104 Kikansha Tomare Give Me a Brake!
105 Tataite Hammer Mallet-Go-Round
106 Gappori Yokodori Kinoko Grab Bag
107 Punch De Attack Lava Tile Isle
108 Butsukare Balloon Car Bumper Balloon Cars
109 Otoshite Itadaki Kinoko Rakin' 'em In

Page 2[edit]

Index Japanese Name Minigame
111 Character Race Day at the Races
112 Nawanawa Pyonpyon Hot Rope Jump
113 Isoge! Bomhei Watashi Hot Bob-omb
114 Bowling Go! Go! Bowl Over
115 Ottotto! Rainbow Rainbow Run
117 Motto Kurekure Crane Crane Game
118 Oshiete Step Move to the Music
119 Bomhei Throwing Bob-omb Barrage
120 Attimuke! Kotti! Look Away
122 Mawashite Roller Shock Drop or Roll

Page 3[edit]

Index Japanese Name Minigame
123 Kurayami Hammer Lights Out
124 Yochiyochi Penguin Relay Filet Relay
126 Matoate! Shot!! Archer-ival
128 Kinopio Ongaku Tai Toad Bandstand
129 Slider Bobsleigh Bobsled Run
130 Truck Race Handcar Havoc
132 Double Koopa Huusen Balloon Burst
134 Flying Race Sky Pilots
135 Speed Hockey Speed Hockey
136 Cake Factory Cake Factory

Page 4[edit]

Index Japanese Name Minigame
138 Mukade Go!Go! Dungeon Dash
141 Atsumete Kuruma de Coin Magnet Carta
142 Minna Hipare! Face Lift
143 Dokkan Shensha Shell Shocked
145 Hakkutsu! Hassuru! Crazy Cutters
146 5Kiopio Block Toad in the Box
147 Zenmai Heiho Race Mecha-Marathon
148 Count 1-2-3 Roll Call
149 Nobotte Mast Abandon Ship
150 Aozora Plate Race Platform Peril

Page 5[edit]

Index Japanese Name Minigame
151 Hip de Don! Totem Pole Pound
152 Nokkare Ball Bumper Balls
154 Pukapuka Island Bombs Away
156 Nokonoko Korokoro Tipsy Tourney
157 Fruits11 Honeycomb Havoc
158 Iroiro Dash Hexagon Heat
159 Hyudoro Yashiki Skateboard Scamper
160 Throttle Racing Slot Car Derby
161 Hataage Heiho Shy Guy Says
162 Inemuri Wanwan Sneak 'n' Snore

Page 6[edit]

Index Japanese Name Minigame
164 Guruguru Trial Driver's Ed
165 Change Time Chance Time
166 Duel: Western Land Quick Draw Corks
167 Duel: Pirates Land Saber Swipes
168 Duel: Horror Land Mushroom Brew
169 Duel: Space Land Time Bomb
170 Duel: Mystery Land Psychic Safari
171 Duel: Koopa Land Rock, Paper, Mario
172 Nokogiri Gikogiko Looney Lumberjacks
173 Furafura Record Dizzy Dancing

Page 7[edit]

Index Japanese Name Minigame
174 Panel Change Tile Driver
175 Arijigoku Dangerous Quicksand Cache
176 Koopa Daibakuhatsu Bowser's Big Blast
177 Bukubuku Submarine Torpedo Targets
178 Tataite Towase Destruction Duet
179 Otakara Submarine Deep Sea Salvage
199 Bowser Slots

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