List of Wario Land: Shake It! pre-release and unused content

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This is a list of pre-release and unused content for the game Wario Land: Shake It!

Unused enemies[edit]

There are unused sprites of several enemies that were cut for unknown reasons.

Aggressive Bandinero[edit]

A larger Bandinero with horn-like ears. Its sprites suggest it would pounce at Wario when approached. There exists a variant with small wings that flies, and many of its sprites use a blue palette.

Buccanero Tower[edit]

A trio of pirate enemies stacked atop each other. A Buccanero stands the base while a larger blue variant stands on its shoulders, and a red captain Buccanero stands on top of the tower. They carry swords and initiate spinning attacks. They also have animations of being toppled, jumping back into position, and swinging from a rope.

Cactus person[edit]

A humanoid cactus creature with a wide-brimmed hat and moustache like Wario's. It could bury itself to hide, leaving its hat behind as an indicator. The cactus' spiky body would likely protect it from Wario's Dash Attack and Ground Pound, but the hat could be picked up and shaken while it was buried.

Giant oyster[edit]

A fleshy bivalve creature that likely was set to appear in Subwarine levels.

Green slime[edit]

A shape-shifting blob of green goop. It has many sprites performing many actions, including jumping, growing spikes, dripping from ceilings, and splashing against surfaces. It could be held, shaken, and thrown, like many other enemies.


A slug-like creature with a set of wheels. It carries a platform on its back, which Wario could presumably stand on and ride. The slug has animations for curling into a wheel and rolling, implying it would transport Wario quickly across rooms.


A wildebeest that continuously charges towards the camera. Also has animations for stumbling after a hit, and charging with the camera in a plan view. It uses the same design as the Stuffed Wildebeest treasure from Just Plains.



A background image of dark temple area, with a statue of the Shake King's head against the far wall.


A wooden barrel that can be smashed and shaken, but has no throw animation, implying it to be too heavy.


Bloomsday has unused color palettes that may have been intended for rematches against a stronger Bloomsday. There are combinations of brown petals (instead of purple), dark blue, brown, burnt umber, and lavender leaves and stem (instead of mauver), and a golden pot (instead of grey). There are also sprites of Venus Guytrap seeds.

Carved boulder[edit]

A stone ball with a carved face. It may have been an early design of the boulders that appear in levels such as Sneak Peak.


A placeholder graphic simply reading "move".

Mission icons[edit]

Thumbnails labelled "mission_icon_XX" that would accompany level missions. They include:


Four icons in monochrome. A treasure chest, a lantern-like object, a Merfle Barrel, and an exclamation mark (!). Their names may imply an intended mini-map the player could refer to to find objectives.


A red cross that may have appeared in the file select screen.

Shake Medal[edit]

A gold medal with a shine animation overlay. It would likely have been given to the player for completing all missions in a level or completing 100% of the game.

Shaking Block[edit]

Two designs for blocks, one made of stone, the other made with blue metal. Their names imply they could be held and shaken, but due to a lack of throwing animation, were seemingly too heavy to throw. They can be smashed.


A sign with a skull reading "SHOP" and an animation of an opening door. They would likely have been part of Captain Syrup's Pirate Shop.

Silver Treasure Chest[edit]

A standard treasure chest, but colored blue with silver linings. It has more dramatic animations, and a file containing separate pieces of the chest.


Early designs of some of the treasures, including the Crystal Skull, Diamond Ski Mask, and a jewelled ring, which may have been the Amber Ring.