Boogie Mansion

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Boogie Mansion
Boogie Mansion
Level code 5-S3
Game Wario Land: Shake It!
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Boogie Mansion is the third secret level of the Quiver Cliffs in Wario Land: Shake It!, as well as the final secret level in the game and final platforming level. It can be unlocked by finding the Secret Map in Bad Manor.


This level is very similar to its non-secret counterpart, Bad Manor, but it is rather a comprehensive level involving many skills and elements. Moreover, all the treasure chests here are actual living beings, namely Treasure Chomps. The only way to defeat these and get the treasures inside is to throw bombs at them.

This level is set in a dungeon full of various enemies. The sky is purple and gloomy, and walls are scattered with decaying vines. Shrinkbarrels, push buttons and Recapitators from Bad Manor return. Wario jumps on a hanging rope, which stretches itself up and down, and enters the mansion from the top. Soon he encounters the first Treasure Chomp. Wario must use the bombs thrown by a Peek-a-boom above to get the treasure. He also needs to avoid attacks from Recapitators and a Spinbat. Next, Wario comes out and two Mummers roam around and several hanging ropes with thorns stretch themselves automatically. The golden enemy, a Recapitator and the only golden Recapitator in the game, stands right at the top of the roof. Afterwards, Wario encounters the second Treasure Chomp, and he will have to become Mini Wario to approach the bomb. The section also features a trampoline and a ball that can be thrown at enemies and blocks. A Blast-O-Cannon at the end of the section leads to the next section.

As he proceeds, Wario should use the Max Fastosity Dasherator below, rush on a row of push buttons, and topple over to reach the last Treasure Chomp. Some of the push buttons hide coin bags, while others give out Bandineros. Eventually, Wario enters another Blast-O-Cannon which leads to the caged Merfle. After freeing the Merfle, an alarm will go off and Wario needs to take a new route to get back. He will have to grab the hanging ropes to avoid pits of spikes, then he will have to use the Blast-O-Cannon to collect the hidden diamonds. After that, Wario enters a place with many shrinkbarrels. The area with the last few coins can only be accessed by Mini Wario, and he can choose to rush back in either normal size or small size.


  • Finish before the clock hits 1:30:00
  • Beat the stage without taking damage
  • Collect 83,000 coins
  • Pound down all push buttons
  • Beat the stage as Mini Wario
  • Defeat the golden enemy
  • Beat the stage without using the checkpoint



Treasure Image NTSC-U description PAL description
Ghost Potion WLSItreasure97.png One sip and you'll turn into a ghost... Wait, isn't that just poison?
Magic Lamp WLSItreasure98.png This lamp issues a thick smoke when rubbed. That's all it does. What were you expecting? This lamp issues a thick smoke when rubbed. That's all. What were you expecting?
Therapeutic Music Box WLSItreasure99.png No one could remain stressed with this thing playing in the background. No one, I tell you! No one could remain stressed with this playing in the background. Except maybe for dogs.


  • Given Time: 2:30:00
  • Sum of Coins: 89,550

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スリラーハウス
Surirā Hausu
Thriller House
German Gruselgruft -
Italian Magione dannata Cursed mansion