Its-all Mine

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Its-all Mine
Its-all Mine.png
World-Level 3-3
Game Wario Land: Shake It!
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Its-all Mine (parsed Itsall Mine in the British English version) is the third level in Rocking Range in the game Wario Land: Shake It!


As the name states, it is an abandoned mine that, like Stonetooth Cave, has a bunch of Conveyor Belts. The cave also has some fossils and stalactites protruding from the ceiling. Many Bomb Blocks are also located here. The area also has a haven of Pitchforks, which can be used to reach treasures. The golden enemy here also happens to be a golden Pitchfork. After Wario locates the caged Merfle through the use of Certainty Switches and conveyor belts, Wario will need to scurry back to the start before time expires.


  • Finish before the clock hits 1:35:00
  • Collect 50,000 coins
  • Defeat the golden enemy
  • Defeat 3 enemies at once with a ball


  • Pterodactyl Stew
  • Gold Press-on Nails
  • Really Tempting Apple


  • Given Time: 2:30:00
  • Sum of Coins: 56980

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ティラノこうざん
Tirano kouzan
Tyranno Mine
German Versteinerte Mine Fossilized Mine
Spanish (NOA) Mina Abandonada Abandoned Mine


  • The escape sequence music is the same as from Stonetooth Cave, and it isn't saved in Media Room.