Launchpad Labyrinth

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Launchpad Labyrinth
Level code 4-S1
Game Wario Land: Shake It!
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Launchpad Labyrinth is the first of three secret levels in Jiggle Jungle in Wario Land: Shake It! This level is unlocked by finding a Secret Map in Airytale Castle. This stage reuses assets from Stonecarving City, such as the music and background.


The level takes place in the ruins of an ancient city during sunset. The level completely focuses on Rocket Buckets and the spike poles it activates when used. Spikes also pose a threat. It is one of two all-escape levels in the game and has the longest time limit of 10:00:00. In six flying sections, Wario needs to maneuver the Rocket Bucket to collect coins, avoid spikes, find treasures and reach the tunnel to the next section. The golden enemy is a Floating Bandinero in the last flying section.


Wario near the golden enemy of Launchpad Labyrinth
Wario near the level's golden enemy
  • Finish before the clock hits 6:00:00
  • Beat the stage without taking damage
  • Collect 50,000 coins
  • Collect 10 small gold coins in a row
  • Don't break any Rocket Buckets
  • Defeat the golden enemy
  • Break all stone blocks



Chest location Treasure Image NTSC-U description PAL description
The first treasure chest in Launchpad Labyrinth Pot Full o' Mystery
Strange Vase
WLSItreasure70.png Come on, just look at the thing! That is one mysterious pot! This thing just looks weird.
The second treasure chest in Launchpad Labyrinth Dung Beetle Pendant
Scarab Pendant
WLSItreasure71.png Jeweled pendant of a dung beetle. Why? Seriously, why? A jewelled dung beetle pendant. Smells surprisingly nice.
The third treasure chest in Launchpad Labyrinth Solid-Gold Flyer
Golden Flyer
WLSItreasure72.png An ancient flyer made of the finest gold. Advertising used to be classier. An ancient flyer made of 24-carat gold. Advertising used to be classier.


  • Given time: 10:00:00
  • Sum of coins: 70,900

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese メソポタポタいせき
Mesopotapota iseki
「メソポタポタ」is a pun on "Mesopotamia" and likely「ポタポタ」(potapota, a term meaning "dripping"), and「いせき」means "ruins".

German Raketenkesselparcours
Rocket Bucket Course
Italian Tempio labirintico
Labyrinthine temple
Spanish (NOA) Laberinto en Ruinas
Labyrinth in Ruins