Stonecarving City

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Stonecarving City
Stonecarving City.png
World-Level 1-1
Game Wario Land: Shake It!
Music Stonecarving City (before freeing Merfle)
Launchpad Labyrinth (after freeing Merfle)
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Stonecarving City is the first level of the Ratl Ruins area in the game Wario Land: Shake It!


The stage is set in an ancient city, filled with all sorts of stones that have been carved into various shapes and designs. While this suggests that an ancient civilization once lived here, the only inhabitants at the time Wario explores the city are common enemies such as Bandineros and Floating Bandineros that cannot hurt him in every section of the game. As it is the first main level in the game (there is a training level before it, namely Aboard the Sweet Stuff), it is relatively simplistic in design, with the level's three treasures and coin bags in locations which are quite easily reached, usually by manipulating nearby objects. When Wario eventually finds the caged Merfle, upon rescuing it the rush to the exit (same location as the start) poses very few obstacles for Wario to evade, due to the level being a post-training introduction to the general gameplay.


  • Finish before the clock hits 2:00:00
  • Collect 25,000 coins
  • Jump off 3 Bandinero's heads in a row


  • Stone Coin
  • Full-Body Goggles
  • Crystal Skull


  • Given time: 2:30:00
  • Sum of coins: 26,780

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アヤヤンいせき
Ayayan Iseki
「アヤヤン」is a pun of the Japanese exclamation「アヤヤ」(ayaya, ouch) and "Mayan", and「いせき」means "ruins"
German Steinopolis Stonopolis
Korean 아야얀 유적
Ayayan Yujeok
Ayayan Ruins (Ayayan is a pun on 아야야 (Ayaya/Ouch)