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Species Living statue
First appearance Wario Land: Shake It! (2008)
“Cower before Rollanratl! My temple is your tomb!”
Rollanratl, Wario Land: Shake It!

Rollanratl is the first boss of Wario Land: Shake It! It fights Wario in Rollanratl Battle, the boss level of Ratl Ruins. Rollanratl is a giant living stone statue that holds up the ceiling in its temple.

It first attacks Wario by dropping its head to the ground. If Wario doesn't jump in time, he is stunned by the earthquake caused by the impact. If Rollanratl's head falls on top of Wario, he will be squished, but not hurt. When Rollanratl's head is lying on the ground, Wario must shoulder-charge into it, to damage it. After this occurs twice, Rollanratl's eyes change from orange to blue and exhibit a happy expression. During this phase, Rollanratl shakes the ceiling, causing pillars to fall to the ground. Red pillars explode on impact, and blue pillars lodge into the ground for a brief moment. Wario must jump on one of these, then jump-charge at Rollanratl's head once more. After this happens, it drops its head once more, and Wario must attack as previously.

After this, Rollanratl pulls out two levers, with two Thwomp-like heads attached. He then drops the sides of his head, which explode. Its eyes turn from blue to a redish pink and show an angry expression. It drops its head, but Wario cannot attack it because the head is now covered in spikes. Rollanratl then exposes the pink weak spot. The extra heads begin rotating, and Wario must jump on top of one, ride it up to the top of its rotation cycle, and Ground Pound the top of Rollanratl's main head. The main head begins dropping maces, while the small heads shoot laser beams. The small heads rotate once more, and Wario must Ground Pound Rollanratl again. The robot crumbles and the Rollanratl Emblem appears.

Once the Shake King has been defeated, Rollanratl can be fought again. This time the missions detailed below can be accomplished, and if Wario has done so, he obtains the background music to the battle.


  • Defeat the boss without taking any damage.
  • Defeat the boss within a set time limit.
  • Avoid getting hit by any earthquakes.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ギガストン
Giga Stone
Spanish Megalata From "mega" and "-lata", derived from "hojalata" (tin)
French Gigaston Pun on "giga" and "Gaston"
German Rüttlschüttl Pun on "Rütteln" and "Schütteln" (both mean shaking)
Italian Rullensquot Portmanteau of rullare and scuotere (both mean shaking)
Korean 기가스톤
Giga Stone


  • Rollanratl's name comes from the phrase "roll and rattle", a reference to the game's name.