Whoopsy Desert

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Whoopsy Desert
Whoopsy Desert
World-Level 1-2
Game Wario Land: Shake It!
Music Whoopsy Desert (before freeing Merfle)
Disturbing Tomb (after freeing Merfle)
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Whoopsy Desert is the second level of Ratl Ruins in Wario Land: Shake It!. It is the first level containing a Secret Map which leads to Disturbing Tomb.


Being only the second proper level in the game, it is relatively simple, but it introduces Bomb Blocks that explode after however many seconds are displayed on it when something comes in physical contact with it. In the beginning, Wario can get coin bags by performing an Earthshake Punch to destroy the Bomb Blocks. He also encounters a small pyramid which can be lifted up by punching the ground. Next, he enters a large pyramid where he first encounters the Blast-O-Cannon, with which he can shoot himself up, break stone blocks, and reach higher areas. As he exits the pyramid, another small pyramid appears, inside which there is a Max Fastosity Dasherator that helps Wario reach a hidden treasure. Afterwards, he enters another large pyramid with more coins and Blast-O-Cannons. In a section with many Blast-O-Cannons, Wario needs to shoot himself several times to reach the final Blast-O-Cannon directing him to the caged Merfle. Once Wario breaks the cage, a model of the Shake King's head topples over and if Wario doesn't beat it to the other side, it will block out the fastest path, forcing him to take a slower route.

Secret Map location[edit]

This level has a Secret Map to Disturbing Tomb. As Wario enters the first pyramid, he should use the Blast-O-Cannon to break several stone blocks, then he needs to turn back and jump to the platform with a large silver coin. Standing there and performing an Earthshake Punch reveals the map.


  • Finish before the clock hits 1:50:00
  • Collect 30,000 coins
  • Destroy all Bomb Blocks


  • Cheese Pyramid
  • Liquid Giggles
  • Ancient Digital Watch


  • Given time: 2:30:00
  • Sum of coins: 33,790

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ホットットさばく
Hottotto sabaku
「ホットット」is a pun of「アッチッチ」(acchicchi, Japanese expression meaning "hot") and "hot", and「さばく」means "desert"
German Weite Wüstenei Far Wasteland
Korean 앗뜨뜨 사막
Atteutteu Samak
Oh-Hot-Hot Desert