Wario's Grab

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Wario using his move Wario's Grab in Wario World.
Wario grabbing a column in a pre-release version of the game

Wario's Grab is a grab that Wario can execute in his various games. When near a stunned enemy, the player must grab and hold the B button to pick the enemy up (in handheld games, Wario does this automatically). In handheld games, the player must press the B button to throw the enemy. In Wario World, many special moves can be done with this maneuver, including the Mega Toss, Piledriver, and Wild Swing-Ding.

In the Wario Land games, grabbing and throwing enemies/items is often required to break various blocks. In Wario Land 3, certain treasures are required to use the move. In Wario Land: Shake It!, Wario can in addition shake various enemies and objects when the player shakes the Wii Remote; shaking certain enemies will often result in them dropping a clove of Garlic, whilst shaking a Coin Bag will release a lot of coins. Shaking is also required to free a Merfle from their cage and clear the level.