Monstrous Magnet

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Wario standing on a Monstrous Magnet.
Screenshot from Wario World

Monstrous Magnets[1] are enemies in Wario World. They are encountered in Beanstalk Way only. Monstrous Magnets resemble large, flying green magnets with one red "N" end and one blue "S" end, representing the North and South poles on conventional magnets. They try to attack Wario by firing electrical blasts of energy at him. Wario can use them to get to higher places by throwing them headfirst onto metal boards, which they stick to for a short time. Similar enemies, called Flying Spades, appear in Pecan Sands.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese じしゃくモンスター
Jishaku monsutā
Magnet monster

Derived from「磁石」(jishaku, "magnet") with「ン」(-n, a common suffix of monster names)

Italian Mostro Magnetico
Magnetic Monster


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