Ninja Crow

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Ninja Crow
Wario fighting some Ninja Crows from Wario World.
First appearance Wario World (2003)
Subject origin Crow

Ninja Crows[1] are black crows with a red bandanna on their heads, encountered in the Wario World level Mirror Mansion. They are easy to defeat alone, but they almost always come in groups. After taking a few punches, Ninja Crows may produce a kunai from their mouth and jab Wario with it. Even when unprovoked, they can kick Wario with their sharp claws. Wario should stun them quickly and finish them off with a Piledriver, Wild Swing-Ding, or Mega Toss. The crows are invincible while performing their stabbing attack.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese サスケ[2]
A reference to「猿飛佐助」(Sarutobi Sasuke)


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