Beanstalk Way

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Wario World Level
Beanstalk Way
World Thrillsville
Neighbor Level Shivering Mountains
Boss Spideraticus
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Beanstalk Way is the second level of Thrillsville and sixth level overall in Wario World, accessed by jumping up large flowers next to the entrance of Shivering Mountains. It is a forest full of beanstalks, grass and stones, as well as tall plants and small shallow rivers. The enemies here are forest-themed. This level contain three areas: the mainland, a musty underground area, and a high, grassy area. Spideraticus is fought at the end of the level.


The player starts off in a grassy area with a few stumps and a river. There are also buds that open up into spinning platforms when attacked that will rise if Wario performs the Wild Swing-Ding on them. The platform near the beanstalk will rise to allow the player to climb said beanstalk. The beanstalk splits into three paths that lead to treasures and Trapdoors. At the top of the beanstalk is a small structure that leads into a field with a stream and creatures that spit out Glue Globes. Both in the stream and at the top of the nearby beanstalk are Trapdoors leading to challenge areas. After the second creature with the Glue Globe is a Garlic Dispenser and a Steel Trapdoor, followed by the entrance to the next area.

As soon as the player enters the next area, they will have to battle through an arena of enemies. Coins will be rewarded afterward based on how the player performed in the timed match. After this is an area with a bridge built over a stream of water. Going underneath the bridge, the player will find a Steel Trapdoor and an underground area. Breaking the block will lead to another Steel Trapdoor and a way back up. Going above the bridge will lead the player to an area full of ledges and magnets that the player can use to get onto them by throwing a Monstrous Magnet into it. After traversing the ledges, the player will have to pass through a sloped area with many Rams running down it. At the bottom of the slope is a button for a treasure chest. After the slope is a Garlic Dispenser and several Glue Globes leading to the next timed arena. After this are several flower platforms with a Steel Trapdoor underneath them. After a battle with the Tree Freak, climbing up the beanstalk will lead the player to the end of the level and to the fight with Spideraticus.



  • Red Chest: Nice Goblet
  • Yellow Chest: Violin
  • Light Green Chest: Earing
  • Dark Green Chest: Jeweled Sword
  • Light Blue Chest: Gold Tiara
  • Dark Blue Chest: Nice Scepter

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マメのきこうげん
Mame no kikō gen
Valley of Beans
German Rankenkletterei Tendril Climbing