Pecan Sands

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Wario World Level
Pecan Sands
World Sparkle Land
Neighbor Level Mirror Mansion
Boss Ironsider
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Pecan Sands is a large, pyramid-structured, desert level and is the final level of Wario World. In order to reach the top and fight Ironsider, the player has to climb up the pyramid. The sand around the stage is pouring out of the inside of the pyramid through several gargoyle-esque statues scattered throughout the stage, and the sand pouring out of them will push Wario off the stage if the player isn't careful.

Pecan Sands is likely named after the famous Keebler snack "Pecan Sandies", which are shortbread cookies with pecan nuts in them.


The player starts off in a sandstream which drops into an abyss. At the end of the sandstream is an Enemy Generator and several Mummy Magons that will constantly spawn out of the sand. Going down the sand path ahead will bring the player to an area with Big Scorpers and a button. Up the stone ramp is a Mummy Ankiron and a button, hidden in the alcove. Past the statues that spew out sand is a timed arena, which will reward the player with Coins based on how well they did. After that is a "sandfall" with many Glue Globes flowing down it that the player has to use to get across. Below the sandfall is an area with many Big Scorpers, Flying Shovels the player can use to get back up, a button, and a Trapdoor. Past the sandfall is a platform with a few enemies, and below the platform is a sandy area with a SandWorm and a wind turbine to help the player get back up. Past the next platform are several smaller sandfalls with Glue Globes, and above them is a Trapdoor. Past the sandfalls is a large slide leading to the next area.

The player is immediately brought into an area with enemies. After going up the ladder, the player can either take the chain-link fence to reach the upper area or the stone columns to reach a Trapdoor. At the top of the chain-link fence is a Garlic Dispenser and a couple of Mummy Hawks. Past the sandstream are a set of stone steps leading upward to a couple of sand-spewing statues, and beyond those is another sandfall with Glue Globes. Past that is a wall the player needs to use Flying Shovels to get over. At the top of the pyramid lies the Stone Doohickey that leads to the boss, Ironsider.



  • Red Chest: Ancient Ring
  • Yellow Chest: Ancient Necklace
  • Light Green Chest: Ancient Relief
  • Dark Green Chest: Small Pyramid
  • Light Blue Chest: Ancient Bracelet
  • Dark Blue Chest: Anubis Statue

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ピーカンさばく
Pīkan Sabaku
Pecan Sands
German Pyramania from Pyramid