Magician (enemy)

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A Magician in a straitjacket.
A Magician in a straitjacket

Magicians[1] are vampires in straitjackets[2] appearing in the Mirror Mansion in the game Wario World.

Magicians start out all tied up and hop after Wario. The enemies are highly vulnerable to punches, but can execute a fast spinning attack in this state. If Wario stuns and Piledrives a Magician the first time, one of their two lives will be used up.[3] The Magician grows more powerful in this state, shedding its bonds to reveal bat-like wings and throwing the lock that once imprisoned it at Wario. It takes another Piledriver, Wild Swing-Ding or Mega Toss to defeat the Magician permanently.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マシュー伯爵[4]
Mashū Hakushaku
Count Matthew


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