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Clown-a-Round, as it appears in Wario World
Species Humanoid
First appearance Wario World (2003)
A screenshot of Clown-a-Round from Wario World
Clown-a-Round during the fight.
“The Clown-a-Round at the Goal may look funny, but he's actually a huge pain! When he gets on his ball and rolls away, you'd better clear out, too!”
Spriteling, Wario World

The Clown-a-Round is a clown-like boss in Wario World. He is fought in Wonky Circus. The battle takes place on two platforms, connected by a tightrope. When wanting to cross over to a different side, the Clown-a-Round calls for a huge ball with Glue Globes on the side. Wario can't cross the tightrope himself. He must follow the Clown-a-Round by grabbing onto a Glue Globe and hitching a ride.

The Clown-a-Round's apparent "head" is not really his head at all. The Clown-a-Round will take off his "head" and fling it and others at Wario. The disembodied heads can still hop around and even float back up to the arena should they get punched off. The heads may charge up and ram Wario. The Clown-a-Round usually lets his heads do the attacking; his only other attack is when Wario fails to grab onto a Glue Globe on the giant ball. The Clown-a-Round will hurl the ball to the other platform, causing a huge explosion. Fortunately, two small alcoves can offer Wario protection from the attack.

To damage him, Wario must wait for the Clown-a-Round to begin throwing his heads around. His real face, located underneath where its heads were, will become vulnerable. Wario must attack him and Mega Toss him off the stage. Whenever he loses a health skull, one of the glue globes on his big ball will fall off, making it harder for Wario to hitch a ride. When the Clown-a-Round has only two health skulls left, any heads he spawns will split into two heads the first time they are damaged. When beaten, he gives access to the boss of Spooktastic World, Dual Dragon.

The Clown-a-Round is the second of two mini-bosses in Spooktastic World, the first being Brawl Doll.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ピエロ
Tamanori Rōjī
Pierrot (a term often used synonymously with "clown" in Japanese)

Ball-riding Rosie

French Clown
Italian Pagliaccio pazzo
Crazy Clown
Spanish Payaso Paso
Paso the Clown


  • The Clown-a-Round is the only boss in the game to not be completely destroyed after being defeated, as one of his fake heads is left behind upon defeat.
  • If the Clown-a-Round is left alone for a while after he removes his "heads", he will bow to the screen and laugh.


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