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This article is about the object from Wario World. For the object from Super Mario 3D Land, see Baddie Box.
Enemy generator
An enemy generator in Wario World
An enemy generator in Greenhorn Ruins
First appearance Wario World (2003)

Enemy generators,[1] also referred to as monster generators,[2] are objects that appear in Wario World. They are round, ornately decorated blue vase-like pods stuck to the ground that have a biological appearance. When Wario approaches an enemy generator, it begins to dispense Magons of both the large and small varieties, as well as damaging spiked balls in later stages. Although they are immune to all of Wario's attacks, the jars will eventually run out of enemies to dispense and will appear to melt, releasing six large coins. The only way to beat it is if Wario uses the spawned enemy to hit it, either with a Mega Toss, Piledriver, or a Wild Swing-Ding. Some of these are invincible, so there will be times that neither a Mad Move or normal attacks are not going to destroy them and will never melt. However, like other enemies in Wario World, they will respawn if Wario moves away from them for long enough.

They first appear in Greenhorn Ruins and recur in every stage thereafter, except for Wonky Circus. Enemy generators will usually appear in areas where an enemy is necessary to complete a puzzle (such as near a Swirly Spinner or steel trapdoor). Unlike other enemies that appear in multiple stages, they have the same appearance in every stage.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ジェネレーター[3]


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