Shivering Mountains

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Wario World Level
Shivering Mountains
World Thrillsville
Neighbor Level Beanstalk Way
Boss Winter Windster
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Not to be confused with Shiver Mountain.

Shivering Mountains is an icy mountain range, the first level of the Thrillsville world, and the fifth level overall in Wario World. The course contains ice-themed enemies, deep snowdrifts that can trap Wario, along with other obstacles. Several large Christmas trees highlight the atmosphere, plus a plenty of igloos. The boss of this level is the Winter Windster.


The player begins next to a cottage with a springboard to help Wario get on top of it, where they will find a button. Immediately to the right, there is a large slope with several ramps. The bottom-most ramp on the back of the slope will help the player get up to the top of the house at the bottom of the ramp, which contains a Trapdoor to a red diamond. Behind the house are a series of platforms placed around Christmas trees that the player has to use Glue Globes to jump between. Back on the ground, the player can find a treasure chest here along with another button to the left of the house. There is a slope here with a couple of a electric barriers that will hurt Wario if he gets too close. Afterward, there is a Garlic Dispenser before a large slope with many Skiing Yetis sliding down it and a few igloos. To the right of the slope is an Angler Mangler, waiting for and blocking Wario. After this is a slope that leads to either an icy cavern below or a snowy area above, the later of which the player has to jump off the correct ramp to reach.

The snowy area has an igloo with a button on top of it below several Christmas tree platforms, along with a treasure chest spawn spot. Jumping through the platforms will ultimately lead to a Trapdoor with a few blocks to jump between. Once the player feels like they're done in this area, they can break a block that leads down to the icy cavern, right into the first timed arena.

In order to progress through the icy cavern, the player must first pass through a timed arena, where they have to fight several enemies and earn coins based on their performance. Past this are several Icicle Mites the player can use to get over the walls. On the eastern platform is a Steel Trapdoor leading to a secret area with moving platforms. After the platform are a couple of poles which are placed to help the player reach a button. Afterward are a number of bridges, with several of them having Tiny Turtles and electric barriers that impede Wario's path. The bridge leading in the direction back where the player came from leads to a treasure chest, along with a button on the wall across from the bridge that the player needs to throw an enemy into or jump and hit it to activate it. In the center of the bridges is a Steel Trapdoor that leads to an area with rotating platforms. After the bridges is a tall platform, where the player needs to use two Icicle Mites to climb up it, in order to reach a secret area with a button and a treasure chest. Jumping back down and moving right, the player will find more bridges with multiple Fattingtons that will attempt to bounce Wario into the abyss below. At the end of one of the bridges is a Steel Trapdoor leading to an area with many moving platforms. After this set of bridges is a large, upward slope with a few Fattingtons dropping in from above. There is also a standard portal that leads to an area with four spinning rings of spikes and Glue Globes.

After the upward slope is another timed arena followed by another battle with an Angler Mangler. To the right, there is a slope with several Freeze Cannons and Skiing Yetis. Near the end of this slope is a spot for a treasure chest. After this is a large slippery slope that leads to a couple of Trapdoors and the entrance to fight with the Winter Windster.



  • Red Chest: Nice Glass
  • Yellow Chest: Ancient Chalice
  • Light Green Chest: Nice Cup
  • Dark Green Chest: Ornate Decanter
  • Light Blue Chest: Glass Decanter
  • Dark Blue Chest: Nice Saucer
  • Purple Chest: Glass Bowl
  • Pink Chest: Jade Box

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ブルブルやま
Buruburu Yama
Trembling Mountain
German Bibber Berge Shiver Hills