Mean Emcee

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Mean Emcee
Mean Emcee, as he appears IG
Species Humanoid
First appearance Wario World (2003)
The Mean Emcee inside the goal is a coward! Even if you bang on the cup he's hiding in, he won't come out! Hey, but don't give up, Wario! He's definitely hiding inside that cup!”
Spriteling, Wario World

The Mean Emcee is a green, MC style boss Wario must beat in Wario World, at the end of the Mirror Mansion level. The Mean Emcee's arena is a medium-sized square arena with three huge cups and has reflections of Spritelings in the background. When Wario encounters the boss, the Emcee will be crouching down, hiding his face. When Wario approaches him, he will rise up, twirl his cane, and laugh.

The Mean Emcee has only two attacks; absorbing yellow energy and dashing towards Wario, and doing a jig in place, twirling his cane.

Once hit a few times, he will hide under one of three cups, which will mix each other up before coming to a stop. While they are shuffling, Wario can be seen watching the cup under which the Mean Emcee is hiding. If an incorrect cup is chosen, either Wansuru, Ninja Crows or Magicians will emerge and attack. If the correct cup is chosen, nothing will come out. The cup must be punched once more to make the Mean Emcee tumble out of the cup. Wario can then execute a Piledriver, Wild Swing-Ding, or Mega Toss to knock a skull off his health meter. After each round, the cups will increase their shuffle speed. After repeating five times, access is gained to Pecan Sands, the last level.

The Mean Emcee is the first of the three bosses of Sparkle Land. The others are Ironsider and Captain Skull.


Name in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese オジケルーマン
From elongation of「怖じける」(ojikeru, to be frightened of) and "man"
French Grand Maurice Great Maurice
German fiese Falschspieler[1]
Italian Mago Fifas Wizard Fear-s