Mean Emcee

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Mean Emcee
Mean Emcee, as he appears IG
Species Humanoid
First appearance Wario World (2003)
The Mean Emcee inside the goal is a coward! Even if you bang on the cup he's hiding in, he won't come out! Hey, but don't give up, Wario! He's definitely hiding inside that cup!”
Spriteling, Wario World

The Mean Emcee is a green, MC-style enemy that appears in Wario World, where he is the first of Sparkle Land's three bosses, followed by Ironsider and Captain Skull.


The Mean Emcee is fought at the end of Mirror Mansion in a medium-sized square arena with three hands each holding a huge cup; reflections of Spritelings are visible in the background. The Mean Emcee is crouching down and hiding his face when Wario enters the arena, only to spring up as he approaches and then dance while twirling his cane; he then emits a strange laugh, and the battle begins.

The Mean Emcee moves by "tip-toeing" around the arena, and has two attacks: he will charge up with yellow energy and spin towards Wario, or spin his cane before doing a jig in place while twirling it. Once hit a few times, he flies towards one of the three cups to hide under them, and the hands holding them will shuffle shell game-style before coming to a stop; Wario's head occasionally tracks the movement of Mean Emcee's cup, though this may be inconsistent. Wario must hit the correct cup twice to make Mean Emcee tumble out, and then execute a Piledriver, Wild Swing-Ding or Mega Toss to knock a skull off his health meter; attacking an incorrect cup will cause Wansuru, Ninja Crows or Magicians to drop out of them. If he flies off the arena while using his first attack or is thrown off and damaged by Wario, he will fly or bounce back towards the stage.

As Mean Emcee's health meter is depleted, the cups will increase their shuffle speed. Slamming Mean Emcee five times will defeat him, and Wario gains access to Pecan Sands.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マジシャン

From elongation of「怖じける」(ojikeru, to be frightened of) and "man"

French Grand Maurice
Great Maurice
German fiese Falschspieler[2]
Italian Mago Fifas
Wizard Fear-s
Spanish Mago Tiritón
Wizard Shiveron (From the verb "tiritar", to shiver)


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