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Wario World world
Level(s) Shivering Mountains
Beanstalk Way
Boss Red-Brief J
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Thrillsville is the third world in Wario World. In order to access Thrillsville, Wario must beat the Dual Dragon in Spooktastic World. Thrillsville is a grassy plateau with a small snow area, containing an igloo that is the entrance to Shivering Mountains. To the left of the igloo, there is a pond and three giant flowers that lead up to the top of a stone, where the entrance of Beanstalk Way is. There are three leaves between the volcano in the top right and the giant beanstalk which leads to Red-Brief J's Showdown.

After the two levels are completed, the player can get the third Huge Treasure Chest Key from Red-Brief J. There are wind symbols on each end of the gate.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ハラハラワールド
Harahara Wārudo
Thrilling World

French Frissonville
German Fallhalla
Pun on Wallhalla and "Fall"
Italian Monti Vertigo
Vertigoes mountains
Spanish Mundo Escalofrío
Shiver World