List of Wario World pre-release and unused content

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This is a list of pre-release and unused content for the game Wario World.

E3 2002 build[edit]

The first screenshots and trailer of Wario World were revealed at E3 2002. They show several differences to the final game. Wario had a long sleeve shirt. The Glue Globes didn't have any textures, and pillars lacked detail. When Wario performed the Wild Swing-Ding, he did not move around. There was also a different logo for the game, as well as different punching and coin collection sounds. Additionally, most of the levels seemed to be drastically different compared to the final, as well as seeming to be larger. All of Horror Manor was much darker, Beanstalk Way seemingly about the same as the final, besides a solid blue background for the backdrop. Wonky Circus looked almost nothing the same, one large clown face seemingly prominent throughout the stage. Pecan Sands is shown the most, with a much different and larger stage design.


A difference seen in all of the gameplay screenshots is the Heart Gauge. It was larger and had a lighter shade of red. Also, there was a gauge for different kinds of gems and coins at the top of the screen that isn't in the final version.


There were several kinds of enemies not seen in the final version of the game. An entirely unused enemy was a scorpion-like creature that shot bombs, which may have been an early Big Scorper. The Sandworm had a wildly different design, looking more like a purple pufferfish. One of the screenshots show an Ankiron in what appears to be an early version of the Horror Manor basement, while in the final game, every area has their own theme for enemies. There is a short clip of a Cractyl-like enemy with a different design but similar attacks. Brawl Doll is shown in a much darker arena, unmoving. It has red eyes in this version, as opposed to the final blue. According to players of the floor demo, Clown-a-Round's stage was different, allowing one to walk over to the other side on a platform.

Master Quest Bonus Disk[edit]

The demo trailer was shown off in a second disk that came with the remake of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. This came about two weeks before E3 of 2003, and shows a more complete version, and is much more similar to the final version. Notable changes include a different layout for the beginning segment of Greenhorn Ruins, an unknown area resembling either Greenhorn Ruins or it's preceding stage Greenhorn Forest, minor changes to the exterior of Horror Manor, and a drastically changed Wonky Circus. Wonky Circus was shown to have a city background, as shown in two scenes, while having different internal areas in color and textures. Ladders have different textures in all stages.

E3 2003 and NOE Multi Game Demo Disc 7[edit]

This demo disc had an unknown date of release before Wario World's release. While closer to a final build, some stages seem to have minor tweaks, such as the brightness on Brawl Doll's stage and the first trapdoor level in Excitement Central. Brawl Doll is still seen with red eyes, but only briefly. Other enemies are shown, like Ankirons and Magons. The trailer shown was also shown at E3 of 2003.


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