List of Paper Mario: Sticker Star pre-release and unused content

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This is a list of pre-release and unused content for the game Paper Mario: Sticker Star.

Early ideas[edit]

  • Bowser's Sky Castle was intended to include minigames, but was cut due to development time restraints[1].
  • The PRIMA Official Game Guide mentions various enemies that did not appear in the game. These enemies include Shiny 2-Fold Goombas, 4-Fold Goombas, Shiny 4-Fold Goombas and Shiny Dry Bones. These are possibly enemies that were planned to be in the game, but taken out of the final version.
    • Shiny variants of Paper Dry Bones and Spinies later appeared in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam.

Early builds[edit]

First images[edit]

  • The scenery was similar to Paper Mario's.
  • ? Blocks were smaller and had light brown outlines.
  • In-battle stickers originally appeared in big light brown and blue squares and had different design.
  • Paperization did not include the screen turning into a photograph. Instead, the object was simply placed in the wanted area.
  • Stickers were red circles with an icon on them.
  • An unknown "S" rainbow HUD was placed under Mario's health meter, likely either a power generation bar, or some sort of "Limit Break" bar.
  • Enemies such as Goombas and Pokeys looked like they did in the other Paper Mario games.
  • A Chain Chomp was shown to be a partner[2].
    • Partners were removed because it was conflicting with the Sticker focused gameplay.
  • The Wiggler had more body segments in early screenshots.
  • There was going to be a Monty Mole king boss, but it was probably replaced by Gooper Blooper as it is shown in a forest area similar to World 3.
  • Some images show a maze made of playing cards, but said area does not appear in the final game.
  • The interior of Goomba Fortress' large tower was drastically different, as it had both Heart and Save blocks at the bottom, lacked ?-Blocks and was darker.
  • A bridge sticker could be placed above a small gap so Mario can cross it. This was possibly changed to the Wooden Bridge scrap for the final game.
  • The Frog Suit sticker acted as an attack sticker, not a defense one. Its original purpose was inserted into the Line Jump.
  • Whomp was smaller, bluer, and most likely a regular enemy.
  • The Baahammer was simply a Sleepy Sheep-like head on a handle. The final version for this item is a purple hammer with a slightly modified Sleepy Sheep marked on its side.

E3 2011 trailer[edit]

  • The game was known as "Paper Mario" at this point.
  • The health HUD was a white and yellow bar and the numbers were orange.
  • Coins were similar to Super Paper Mario's version.
  • Battle Spin was originally called "Battle Chance".
  • The Scissors' clipping effect just included bright lines to appear in the screen. They also were red instead of green.
  • In-battle Fan would appear as a sticker and right on the stage, instead of the background.
  • The stickers on the Shop in Decalburg were actual stickers instead of cardboard.
  • A Mystery Box sticker is included on an artwork released with Mario, but a Mystery Box sticker is not seen anywhere in the final game, nor in any screenshots.
  • The principal Action command was assigned to the B button. In the final version, it is assigned to the A button.

Early images[edit]

  • The Scissors were cyan-colored.
  • Stickers had a hexagonal shape.
  • The health meter numbers were red.
  • Multiple Wigglers were going to appear as enemies.
  • Album pages displayed their number and the total of pages instead of only the page number in a half circle.

Unused data[edit]

The unused Sticker Fest plaza

The Sticker Fest plaza featured a different design and a blocked-off exit most likely intended to be accessed later in the game.

Unused text[edit]

2-Fold Shiny Goomba
4-Fold Goomba
4-Fold Shiny Goomba
Shiny Spiny
Deep Cheep
Monty Mole
Inky Piranha Plant
Bullet Bill
Bill Blaster
Banzai Bill
Banzai Blaster
Shiny Dry Bones

Several unused enemies.[3]

Unused graphics[edit]

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Pre-release screenshots[edit]



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