List of Super Mario Strikers pre-release and unused content

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This is a list of pre-release and unused content for the game Super Mario Strikers.

Early ideas[edit]

There are various concept arts depicting Mario in different outfits. In the concept pictures, Mario has on a soccer outfit and some other outfits, like one with a helmet and a GameCube controller buckle belt, and a hooded sweater. Peach is wearing another uniform that is similar to the final version.

Early builds[edit]

These screenshots are from a very early build, depicting Mario and his team of Hammer Bros against Wario and his team of Toads. Their outfits are noticeably different. Mario's jersey is blue and red, whereas in the final version, it is mostly red. Wario also has a yellow and purple color scheme that is mostly yellow in the final version. Wario's hat in the early screenshots also more resembles more of a ski hat with a rim than Wario's usual hat. Luigi also appears in one of these screenshots, but instead of wearing a soccer outfit, he is shown in his usual overalls. Additionally, the textures in these screenshots appear to be brighter than those in the final game.

Early videos and screenshots suggest there were no items involved in the game. The costumes of many characters were very different as well. Both Donkey Kong and Mario had different voice clips.

Additionally, the sidekicks could perform special shots much like the captains' super strikes. The method to pull off these shots were similar, and the attribute of these shots were worth two points. The captains also had special shots in a different way to the sidekicks'. For instance, for Mario's special move, he would charge the ball and kick it upward before jumping high. For a brief animation, Mario draws a Hammer while a meter appears to determine the number of balls and the power to shoot the ball toward the goal.

All of these special moves were scrapped in the final revision of the game, though the concept was recycled for the creation of the sidekicks' Skillshots and captains' Mega Strikes in the sequel, Mario Strikers Charged.

Later builds[edit]

Early screenshot showing Donkey Kong's necktie in the game

The textures in this screenshot resemble more of the final game, but the stadium is different and the audience is absent. In this version, the characters adapt their current soccer outfits shown in the final version, but in this screenshot, Donkey Kong retains his tie.

Unused music[edit]

There are multiple songs unused in the game's files.[1]

Unused banners[edit]

Various unused sponsor banners can be found in the games files.

Unused models[edit]

Unused models of a Pianta security guard and a Dull Bones medic using its design from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door are found within the final game's data, alongside Pianta and Shy Guy cameramen and early sidekicks for Mario and Donkey Kong that are respectively based on them, as well as a Goomba guard that would've appeared in one of the nine scrapped fields (which have corrupted textures). Recolors of Mario based on Luigi, Wario, and Waluigi were also found (again, with corrupted textures) alongside a hammer that was used by Mario in the E3 2005 trailer for his original Super Strike and an unused generic goalie (with corrupted textures) that was ultimately replaced by the Kritter goalies in the final game.[2]



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