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Extreme Egg
The Extreme Egg Skillshot in action

A Skillshot is a special move used by any of the sidekicks in Mario Strikers Charged. When executing a Skillshot, the sidekick performs a particular move that can stun the goalie for a brief amount of time and score a goal. However, Skillshots take time to charge up and can be stopped with a simple tackle.

Hammer Throw[edit]

Main article: Hammer Throw (Mario Strikers Charged)

Hammer Bro's Skillshot. He tosses Hammers at the Goalie and whacks the ball into the goal.

Fire Meteor[edit]

Main article: Fire Meteor

Toad's Skillshot. He kicks the ball towards the goal as the ball catches fire, burning the goalie.

Shell Smash[edit]

Main article: Shell Smash (move)

Koopa Troopa's Skillshot. It kicks a giant white shell at the goal, stunning the goalie for a few seconds.

Extreme Egg[edit]

Main article: Extreme Egg

Birdo's Skillshot. She encases the ball in a giant Birdo's Egg and shoots it at the goal. It can bypass and push the goalie into the ground.


Main article: Possess

Boo's Skillshot. Boo possesses the ball and charges straight towards the goal. It can sneak past the goalie if it is close enough.


Main article: Shocker (Mario Strikers Charged)

Dry Bones' Skillshot. It kicks the ball towards the goal while the ball is charged with electricity, which stuns the goalie.

Dirt Drill[edit]

Main article: Dirt Drill

Monty Mole's Skillshot. Monty Mole digs underground and charges towards the goal. Monty Mole then pops out of the ground and pushes the goalie aside.

Bullet Bill Blast[edit]

Main article: Bullet Bill Blast

Shy Guy's Skillshot. He hops on a Bullet Bill and rides it towards the goal. The Bullet Bill then explodes and knocks the goalie out.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Tiro
Spanish Supertiro
Super shot