Super Luigi!

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This article is about Luigi's Super Ability from Mario Strikers Charged. For other uses of the name "Super Luigi", see Super Luigi.
Luigi running as Super Luigi in Mario Strikers Charged
Super Luigi! in action

Super Luigi! is Luigi's Super Ability in Mario Strikers Charged. It is activated when Luigi gets his Special Item, which is shown as Luigi's Head. Once executed, Luigi will become giant and will be able to squash other players for a few seconds. He is capable of squashing both the opposing team players, and his own team players. The move will wear off after about 10 seconds, or if he starts a Mega Strike. Although Luigi is able to squish all of the players, it cannot go through the goalies, and the move can be countered if a player slides into Luigi.

Mario's Super Ability, Super Mario!, works the same way, as do the effects of the Mega Mushrooms that are featured in other games.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Super Luigi -
Spanish ¡Super Luigi! -